The 5 Most-Viewed Sophos Evolve Sessions

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Explore our roundup of the Evolve 2020 sessions to find out which sessions people are finding most useful, and what you may want to catch still.

On June 16, the Evolve 2020 Partner Conference became an all-digital experience for the very first time, and the response has been amazing! Thank you to everyone that has taken part so far. Your time and feedback have been greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t made it along yet, there is still time. With all of the on-demand videos, you may be wondering where to start or where to go next. To help you out, we’ve pulled together our top five videos you won’t want to miss. And, there are many more sessions available, covering Managed Service Providers, Cybersecurity Trends, and Competitive Insights. Check out the Evolve 2020 site to see the complete session guide.

#1. The Keynotes

Hosted by familiar friends Patrick and Julia, the Sophos Senior Management Team gets things underway. Kris Hagerman, Sophos CEO takes a close look at how Sophos plans to accelerate our mission to deliver the world’s most effective next-generation cybersecurity technology. Dan Schiappa, Chief Product Officer explains how Cybersecurity Evolved is taking protection to new levels. Sophos sales leaders Kendra Krause and Mike Valentine make sure we finish on a high note, with the announcement the new Sophos Global Partner Program designed to reward our partners who are most committed to our Next-Gen portfolio.

#2. The All-new Sophos Global Partner Program

This session is top of the breakout pile. It’s a deep dive into the new Global Sophos Partner Program where you get all the details on the new program tiers, requirements, and benefits. If you want to know how we’re rewarding partners for accelerating our Next-Gen portfolio, and to find out how deal registration and incumbency work, then this is the session for you. This session requires Partner Portal log-in to access.

Watch it now on the Sophos Partner Portal.

#3. Innovation in XG and Intercept X

OK, so this isn’t one session but two; it’s just too difficult to split them! They have both been hugely popular, not surprising given they feature our leading product lines. As the name suggests, both sessions provide details on our latest innovations. For Intercept X, that includes endpoint protection, EDR, server protection, and mobile security. And for XG Firewall, you’ll hear about v18, Sophos Central Management and Reporting, MTR (Managed Threat Response) integration, and AWS support. You also get the inside track on which new releases are on the horizon, and the use cases that are resonating with security buyers.

#4. Win with Managed Threat Response

Sophos Partners have been keen to come to grips with our new MDR (managed detection and response) service, Sophos MTR (Managed Threat Response). It provides 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service. This session gives you a clear understanding of why managed services like Sophos MTR exists, what customer problems it solves, and how the service works to combat even the most advanced adversaries.

#5. Securing the Cloud

Cloud security is hot! Recent high-profile incidents highlight how cyberattacks are moving to the cloud more and more, taking advantage of gaps in protection, team responsibilities, and cloud-security knowledge. This session helps our partners fully understand the shared security responsibilities they have with cloud providers, and how Sophos solutions protecting users, applications, and data across the cloud is more important than ever.

Check out the Evolve 2020 site to see the complete session guide.