Sophos MSP Success Story – Protecting Czech Pharmacies with Managed Security Services

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Managed Security Provider Lekis manages IT security for over 700 Czech pharmacies, protecting them against ransomware and other cyber threats with centrally-managed Sophos solutions.

Lekis is the Czech supplier of an information system of the same name for Windows designed to support the operation of private and hospital pharmacies. The organization also provides pharmacies with services for the complete management of their IT infrastructure and cyber security. For installations on its customers’ workstations and servers, Lekis has chosen Sophos security products, which excel above all in reliable protection against ransomware and phishing.

Why Sophos MSP Connect

In 2018, the first big wave of ransomware hit Czech businesses, including several pharmacies. Because of this, Lekis was looking for reliable protection against encryption malware for its clients. They found the only suitable solution in the Sophos portfolio. Due to the large number of deployed and managed security products for hundreds of clients throughout the Czech Republic, joining the Sophos MSP Connect partner program was a clear choice for Lekis.

Benefits of Working with Sophos

Under the Sophos MSP Connect program, Lekis can manage its own purchases of the required number of licenses to deploy security solutions to its customers. Other benefits include:

Direct communication. Lekis can consult business and technical questions directly with Sophos representatives, who are constantly in touch.

Easy administration. Within Sophos Central, Lekis manages product installations for all of its customers, including purchasing and distributing licenses.

Planning and predictability. With a direct  connection to Sophos, Lekis can plan and budget its services at long-term stable prices.

“No security system is completely foolproof, but Sophos gives us the assurance of a rapid response to the latest cyber threats. The Sophos MSP Connect partnership makes it easier for us to plan and deliver services.”

Pavel Adame, Operations Director

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You could benefit in the same way by joining the Sophos MSP Connect program. It offers a one-stop solution for all IT security services with the benefit of volume-based discounts. This scheme works to your advantage by lowering your costs and simultaneously growing your revenue.

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