Complete Required Certifications to Remain Compliant with the Partner Program

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Compliance deadline is March 31, 2021

With the annual deadline for the Sophos compliance audits on March 31 fast approaching now is the time to ensure the correct courses are completed to meet the relevant partner tier requirements. The number of certifications held on March 31st  (as well as your Sophos revenue generated during the previous 12 months) will determine your partner tier for the following year. You can find the certification requirements per partner tier in the Sophos Partner Program guide and you can access all the training via the Sophos Training Portal.  Don’t delay and get started on any required training today.  If you have any questions please contact your Account Manager or the Global Training team.

“Our engineers definitely appreciate and enjoy the Sophos certification classes. It allows them to become better engineers and we can see how training has elevated client interactions.”

Scott Larson, CEO, Technology by Design

Sophos training and certifications not only help you climb the partner program ladder, they provide you and your staff with in-depth sales and product knowledge. Technical staff becomes proficient to assist clients, and to cut down the time to resolve issues. Because certified staff gains an understanding of how all Sophos endpoint and network products work together as an integrated platform, salespeople are better equipped to recommend the solutions that are right for the client’s environment and emerge as better advisors to their clients.

On top of that, certification knowledge is a level of expertise that enhances your resumé and that you can take with you wherever you work. With a Sophos certification, you’ll join an elite group of specialists and demonstrate your expertise and value to employers – plus get the most out of your Sophos products.

Don’t take our word for it, the Sophos partner Technology By Design explains the value of Sophos certifications. Read the full case study