Has Encryption Rendered Your Firewall Irrelevant?

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Generate leads for your business with our ready-to-run campaign kit.

The ability to inspect SSL traffic without bringing the network to a halt is one of the market-leading advantages in Sophos Firewall.

Use our refreshed marketing campaign to educate your customers on the technical limitations and challenges with inspecting network traffic and how Sophos Firewall addresses those challenges. It explains why most next-gen firewalls are unable to inspect encrypted traffic without impacting performance and deals with common myths.

Use these materials to:

  • Educate a technical audience on the challenges with TSL inspection
  • Explain the five SSL inspection capabilities needed to close this security gap
  • Share new data on threats hiding in encrypted traffic

What’s next?

  1. Self-Learning: Download the report from the Sophos Partner Portal
  2. Generate leads: Co-brand the ready-to-send HTML emails
  3. Create awareness: Hold an engaging presentation


Generate leads for your business


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