Make the Most of Sophos Co-Marketing Options

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Sophos offers you an array of marketing materials to support your demand generation activities. We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Marketing is all about generating awareness, interest, and demand for your products and services. You want people to know what you do and why they need it, and you want them to see you as a trusted advisor they want to buy from. That’s the theory.

In reality, we know that many of our partners struggle with marketing as they just don’t have enough marketing resources. Does this sound familiar? We can help!

Let our marketing work for you

We’ve got phenomenal co-marketing options that work if you just want to generate leads without investing too much time or go the full way with a tailored campaign and webinar – and everything in between.

These are our three most popular activities:

  • No-brainer: Automated lead generation
    Our embed-and-forget digital marketing tools turn your website into a lead generation engine with content that is always up to date. This way, you can easily display Sophos products, trials, collateral or the latest webinar recordings. Discover more.
  • Super easy: Security events
    Skip time-consuming and costly event preparations with perfectly organized Sophos events. Invite your audiences to a Sophos event or webinar to learn from the cybersecurity experts firsthand. We offer promotional kits including co-brandable email templates, social media tiles, and more, so you can easily generate leads for your business. Discover more
  • Customized: Marketing campaigns
    Use our ready-to-run campaigns to grow your Sophos revenue, generate leads, and progress deals for Sophos solutions. Sophos campaigns include co-brandable emails, whitepapers, videos, webinar packages, and much more to support your marketing activities. Discover more

Social media activities

Social media is a fantastic tool to create a permanent buzz and connect with customers and prospects alike. The important thing is regular interaction – which admittedly can be hard to achieve on busy work days. Follow the Sophos LinkedIn or Twitter channels for end users and share the information posted there with your followers as well. Or browse the Sophos News or Naked Security for inspiration for your own posts.

Check out our Quick Guide for Social Media for tips and tricks.

Advanced lead tracking

You’re safe to share content on the Sophos website with your customers and prospects. Just add a Sophos Lead Referral ID to the URL and we ensure that you own all the leads you create. This ID is unique to your organization and is recognized by our lead management systems. Leads captured with your partner-specific ID will be sent to you via email, and are also available via the Sophos Partner Portal. The Lead Referral Guide details everything you need to know.

Need help?

We’ve got plenty of help resources (like our Sophos Co-Marketing Guide, including sample campaign timelines, or the How to Generate Demand for your Business page) on the Sophos Partner Portal that give you clear, step-by-step instructions and useful tips for successful marketing.

The Channel Service Center (CSC) is a team of marketing professionals that helps you customize Sophos campaigns, co-brands marketing assets, resizes banners, and assists with lead tracking. Just send an email to to request support.