Showcasing Your Success With a Customer Case Study

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It’s never been easier to create an engaging case study with your customers. Read on to learn how Sophos can help.

A case study is a powerful tool that can help you drive additional business and showcase your success.

Nothing sells a product better than a great review. Customers like to hear from peers about their experience with Sophos, why they chose Sophos products, and how they exceeded expectations. It’s a great way to describe Sophos products and how you as a partner stepped up to help.

Looking for a case study?

You can access all available case studies in the Sophos Partner Portal.

How to create a case study?

To refer a customer for a case study, please reach out to your local Sophos representative, who can provide further information.

Stages of a case study:

  • Acceptance – all parties involved agree to conduct a case study
  • Interview – Sophos interviews the customer
  • Review – the customer agrees to the content
  • Publish – Sophos formats and publishes

Sophos does the heavy lifting. All we need from you is a referral of a customer who is willing to engage in a case study. We will provide you with the final asset to share with your own networks. This can also be co-branded.

What is expected from the customer’s side?

The customer must agree in writing to proceed with the case study.

They must be willing to take part in a short interview, which takes no more than an hour, to speak about their experience with Sophos to discuss the key topics. For example:

  1. Challenge: What was the business problem they were trying to resolve? What were the biggest security and business challenges?
  2. Impact: What impact did these issues have on the department? How did this impact the team and customers?
  3. Vision: What vision is there for IT and the company? What did the customer want to do to achieve this goal?
  4. Solution: What capabilities did Sophos products provide for the customer to achieve their vision and goal? How did these Sophos products help them?
  5. Results: What are the results now that customer has implemented Sophos solutions? What specific ROI can they share?

How long will it take?

The timeframe for completing a case study can vary. Once the interview is completed, it would be usual to expect at least two weeks before a final asset is available.

What about privacy issues?

If the customer doesn’t want to publicly share what cybersecurity infrastructure they are using, please keep in mind that anonymous case studies are also a possibility. Sophos then won’t share the company’s name, but rather only the company size, industry, and country.

Next steps

If you would like to refer a case study, please reach out to your local Sophos representative, who can provide further information on local processes.

Has working with Sophos helped you grow your business?

If you would like to discuss generating a case study about your relationship with Sophos, reach out to your local representative. Please see contact details above. The overall process for partner case studies will be very similar to the customer experience.