Sophos ZTNA Sales Tools Updates

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Check out the latest Sophos ZTNA sales resources including a new customer presentation, qualification guide, and more.

We have a full set of sales resources ready for you to support your sales conversations around ZTNA.

The updated ZTNA Customer and Prospect Presentation includes many new slides. It includes new slides on Zero Trust, why ZTNA is important, the benefits of ZTNA, and some interesting ZTNA use cases such as easily facilitating guest access, enabling no password authentication, and using ZTNA to gate access to SaaS applications.  And of course, it covers how Sophos ZTNA provides an award-winning solution with a single agent, single console, from a single vendor thanks to integration with Intercept X.

Make sure you have all the latest Sophos ZTNA Sales Tools:

And be sure to take time to have a look at the great sales training and readiness material available for partners.

There’s material to build your core knowledge, get started with prospecting, and then develop the opportunity. Happy Selling!