Webinar: Crafting XDR Metrics That Matter

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Hear from guest speaker Allie Mellen and Sophos SVP Raja Patel about the state of the XDR market, the relationship between XDR and MDR, and how organizations can make wise investments in these products and services.

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platforms are among the most talked-about solutions due to their ability to unify data from multiple security products to automate and accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response in ways that isolated point solutions cannot.

By combining data from endpoint, network, cloud, identity, and email security products, XDR platforms identify linkages between malicious or suspicious activities observed across your environment, resulting in more accurate and detailed detections and enabling a faster, more thorough response.

But what specific security and business outcomes can XDR deliver? And what XDR metrics will help you track the performance of your security operations (SecOps) program?

Forrester Senior Analyst Allie Mellen leads the firm’s research on XDR and advises security leaders on how to implement it into their security program. Sophos Senior Vice President of Products and Services Raja Patel recently sat down with Allie for a fireside chat-style conversation that covers everything from the definition of XDR to what operational and business metrics matter most when measuring its effectiveness.

This 30-minute on-demand webinar is a great resource for customers and prospects looking to learn more about XDR and the value it can provide.

“Crafting XDR Metrics that Matter: Featuring Guest Forrester Research Senior Analyst Allie Mellen” covers the following topics and more:

  • How XDR has evolved from the more limited capabilities of EDR
  • The relationship between XDR and MDR
  • The advantages of XDR over SIEM tools
  • The specific security and business outcomes XDR can deliver
  • The XDR metrics that help security teams track the performance of their program

Use it to generate leads for your business!

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PS: This webinar is part of a larger MDR campaign that will be available very soon. Stay tuned!