How to Stay in Touch with Sophos

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Don’t miss the latest partner news

We know how hard it is to stay on top of the latest updates, newest features, program requirements – times the number of vendors you are working with. To make your life easier, we’d like to remind you of the key channels that keep you up to speed with the latest partner news.  

Follow the channels below for relevant partner information:


Partner News Blog
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Partner Social Media
Get instant alerts through your preferred social media channel
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Partner Newsletter
Look out for a monthly summary of the most important channel updates.
If you don’t receive our emails, please speak to your local Sophos representative.

Partner Events
Learn more about upcoming events, webinars and SophSkills.
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And don’t forget: The Sophos Partner Portal provides you with a wealth of product materials, sales resources, marketing programs, and enablement tools that help you boost your revenue. Plus, this is where you can manage your Sophos business, register deals and request incumbency for renewals. If you don’t have access yet, sign up here. And if you need any help, our Partner Care team is here to assist you.