Sophos Switch Firmware Release 01.3.1268 (MR3)

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The latest switch release adds a key new feature and fixes a few bugs

We are pleased to announce that we have just released a new version of the Sophos Switch firmware.

What is in MR3?

The MR3 release adds the MAC Address Bypass (MAB) feature and a few bug fixes to the switch firmware. In parallel, we are integrating the Switch Support and Services subscription in Sophos Central (see separate Partner News Post).

What is MAC Address Bypass (MAB)?

MAC Address Bypass (MAB) provides an access control technique that allows port-based access control on a switch port using the MAC address of the endpoint or other connecting device. The switch port, in this case, is the interface for MAB authentication that dynamically allows or blocks access to the port based upon the MAC address of the connecting device. MAB is commonly used as a fallback to 802.1x. For situations when devices don’t support IEEE 802.1X, such as printers, IP phones, and IoT devices, MAB is an alternative to enable visibility and identity-based access control at the network edge.

Please check the release notes for further information on this feature.

Further information and Release Notes