The All New Sophos Site in a Box

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Automated web content syndication and lead tracking available at no cost to all Sophos partners. Update existing installations by July 31, 2023.

Did you know you can easily turn your own website into a lead generation tool? All you need to do is embed our Site in a Box tool onto your site. And for those of you who are already using Site in a Box, find out more about what’s new right here.

What is Site in a Box?

We have created a microsite with all of the latest Sophos products, which you can embed on your own company website. Not only does this ensure that you will always have the latest Sophos information on your site (we update the site content centrally on your behalf), but it also will generate leads without any extra effort. All of the web links which take your customers over to will carry over your unique lead referral ID. When that customer requests any sort of demo, pricing, trial, etc., the lead which is generated will be tagged with your lead referral ID and will be passed back to you by email. Furthermore, the lead will also be visible to you in the Sophos Partner Portal.

Sounds good? Then all you need to do is:

I am already using Site in a Box

That’s what we like to hear. In this case, your Site in a Box deployment will automatically update to the new version. We do however recommend that you replace the old iFrame code with the new one (get it here) until July 31, 2023 to ensure that you are fully benefitting from the updated features.

What’s new?

We have redesigned Site in a Box from the ground up. Not only is it nicer to look at, it’s also more compact and straight to the point. It’s also fully responsive and the deployment will align better with your website specifications.

To summarize, the redesigned Site in a Box includes

  • Simplified and more compact design for an easier overview
  • Fully responsive and will align better with your website specifications
  • Faster delivery and performance
  • New language support for Chinese and Portuguese

If you have any issues with your deployment, we are happy to take a look. Just email us at with your concerns.