AP6 Series Access Points: New Pricing Structure from April 8, 2024

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Benefit today using our limited-time discount code.

Effective April 8, 2024, we are introducing a new pricing structure for our AP6 Series access points.

The new pricing will allow you to maintain a competitive edge in your wireless projects and position the AP6 Series as an attractive refresh option for existing AP and APX Series customers.

It includes:

  • A price reduction for all AP6 Series models (% varies by model)
  • A price reduction for Support & Services (per AP per year).

The corresponding MSP Flex pricing for AP6 will be introduced in April. Additional information and the exact timing will follow via the Partner News blog.

How to access the new AP6 pricing immediately

To allow you to benefit from the new pricing right away (before the price list is valid), we’ve created a limited-time discount code AP6_MARCH24 that can be applied to any quote to use the new MSRPs for the AP6 models only. This code is valid until April 7, 2024.

What about existing quotes and other AP6 promo codes?

Due to the pricing change, we will eventually discontinue our AP6 promos.



New end date: March 7, 2024

Use AP6_MARCH24 as a more attractive alternative until the new pricing is valid.



New end date: April 7, 2024

For a limited time, you can continue to use this promo to get the first 12 months of Support & Services free when ordering any AP6 access point.


The conditions on any approved, open quote that uses these promo codes will apply for as long as the quote is valid provided the quote is not refreshed/changed. A refresh/change would trigger a recalculation.

From April 8, 2024, the promo code(s) can also be removed from a quote, the quote can then be refreshed and will recalculate with the new MSRP pricing.

The new pricing is available via the Partner Portal. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Sophos distributor or representative with any questions.