Last Time Buy for Previous Generation (Rev.2) SG/XG Desktop Appliances

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This announcement refers to the last remaining stock of the previous generation of Desktop appliances which are still in our SKU list but are not the primary products being sold today.

The final order date for these products will be December 11, 2020.

What are we announcing?

A final purchase date of December 11, 2020 for all previous generation, Rev. 2, SG and XG Desktop appliances.

Which products are affected?

All SG and XG Desktop Rev.2 appliances which were replaced by the Rev.3 models which we introduced in 2018.

Current selling models are not affected: Current SG 105 and SG/XG 115-135 are Rev.3, XG 86/106 are Rev.1.

A SKU list of all Rev.2 Desktop models can be found on the Sophos Partner Portal.

Why would any customer want an older revision when they can get a more recent model?

In a few cases, customers have requested an older model either to match their existing model in an HA cluster or because they have only done their internal approval process for one specific revision. We will no longer be able to fulfil these requests.

Rev. 2 models may still be provided as an RMA replacement.

How does a customer identify the revision number of their product?

Customers may not know which revision they’re currently on. The revision number appears on the silver label which can usually be found on the underside of the appliance (near the manufacture date) but that may not be accessible if the hardware is mounted in a rack.

You can also determine the revision number from the serial number. This is explained in this Knowledgebase Article

Should you have a customer with a requirement for these products, please reach out to your local Sophos team.