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We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of XG Firewall on Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure.

XG Firewall is now available in the AWS marketplace with two flexible licensing options:

Amazon Web Services is the leading public cloud platform and Sophos has long been a leader in protecting networks and infrastructure in AWS.  The introduction of XG Firewall to AWS brings unmatched visibility, protection and response to Amazon hosted cloud and hybrid networks.  AWS customers can now take full advantage of the many innovations XG Firewall has to offer like Synchronized Security with Intercept X for Server, the new Xstream Architecture with high-performance TLS 1.3 inspection, and the latest machine learning Threat Intelligence and sandboxing protection from Ransomware and other advanced threats.

Crucially, it enables customers to manage a multi-cloud security strategy from a single cloud console in Sophos Central; including network security with XG Firewall; cloud workload protection with Intercept X for Server; and cloud security posture management with Cloud Optix.

XG Firewall brings full network security and control to AWS integrated into a single solution:

  • Xstream Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Web filtering, protection and application control
  • AV and AI machine-learning threat protection and sandboxing
  • TLS inspection with native support for TLS 1.3
  • A full-featured Web Application Firewall

In the coming months we will be extending XG Firewall’s integration into AWS with enhancements like auto-scaling, CloudFormation template support, CloudWatch integration and more.

Check out the full FAQ to learn more about XG Firewall on AWS

With XG Firewall now available in AWS as well as Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform, XG Firewall further extends its industry-leading deployment options with support for any combination of cloud, virtual, software, or XG Series hardware appliances making it able to fit any customer network both now and in the future.

Learn More about XG Firewall protection for your cloud infrastructure.

Getting Started Resources:

Note: The MSP Flex Price List has also been updated to include XG Firewall in AWS