New Enhancements to Central Firewall Reporting

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Now you are able to save, schedule and export reports. Find out more.

We’re pleased to announce the addition of new reporting capabilities for Sophos Central Firewall Reporting (CFR). Customers of CFR Advanced will now see new options to save, schedule and export their favorite reports in Sophos Central, further extending their powerful custom reporting capabilities in the cloud.

What’s New and How to Use it

  • Save Reports as Templates – Central Firewall Reporting Advanced lets you save custom report templates. First, customize a report with the columns, filters, and chart type you want. Then save it in the template library for quick access whenever you need to run it.
  • Schedule Reports – Getting your favorite and custom reports is now even easier as you can schedule them to be delivered your inbox or picked up in Sophos Central at your convenience. The scheduler allows you to set a frequency for your reports including daily, weekly, and monthly options.
  • Export your Reports – Reports can now be exported in HTML, CSV, and (coming next month) PDF formats. As an additional bonus, the exported reports provide up to 100,000 records in a report whereas the interactive reports in Central are limited to 10,000 records.   Download your favorite report for offline viewing directly from Sophos Central or have it delivered directly to your inbox.
New options for saving, scheduling and exporting reports are conveniently located on every report screen.


You have complete control over the scheduling frequency, report format, and delivery…

We will be covering Central Firewall Reporting in more detail in an upcoming article in our series on Making the Most of XG Firewall v18.


What You Need

CFR Advanced is a new subscription license that offers additional cloud storage for Firewall log data for historical reporting, and now adding these additional new features for saving, scheduling and exporting reports.

CFR Advanced subscriptions are on a per-firewall basis, so each firewall you wish to report on in Sophos Central, will require its own CFR Advanced license.

CFR Advanced licenses are purchased in 100GB storage quantities.  You can use the storage estimation tool (at to quickly determine the estimated storage required for a customer’s particular needs.

XG Firewall v18 is required to take advantage of Central Firewall Reporting – and we encourage everyone to upgrade today to take advantage of all the great new performance, security and feature enhancements.

Consider adding CFR Advanced to your customer’s capabilities so they can take full advantage of the rich customizable reporting options in Sophos Central.


New to Sophos Central Reporting

If you’re new to Sophos Central Reporting, you can try it for free… simply setup your firewalls for Sophos Central management and login to Sophos Central and give it a go.

To learn more or get the latest sales tools check Sophos Central management and reporting on our website, resources on our Partner Portal or download the PDF brochure.  And if you’re new to Sophos XG Firewall, be sure to check out how you can add the best visibility, protection and response to your customer’s networks.