Tech News: New XG Firewall Resources Available!

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This month, I’m pleased to introduce a whole raft of new resources to make the promotion and specification of XG Firewalls easier!

Many of these resources focus on the performance enhancements form a central theme of the version 18 release. In addition, XG Firewall is much more than just a firewall; it’s the heart of any customer’s network, it offers a full ecosystem of options and add-ons for customers to extend their network and their protection. Read on and you will find some great resources to help position XG in that way.

Let’s begin with the theme of performance, since it is one of the main advantages that XG Version 18 brings. We have updated our sales collateral to reflect the enhancements in throughout and other metrics that come with the new release. You can find the following new tools available:

Of course, I’m sure the big question on your mind is ‘Exactly how much faster is version 18’? Well, of course the actual answer varies between appliance types and a whole host of other factors. Don’t forget your friendly Sophos Account Manager and Sales Engineer will be happy to assist you with any sizing questions you might have.

Now, let’s turn to the topic of XG firewall as part of an ecosphere of security solutions. We’ve updated our main XG webpages to include a page dedicated to this topic. This is a great way to open a prospect’s mind to the possibilities of cybersecurity as a system. There is a new datasheet that focusses on the integration of XG into Sophos Central which you can download from here. Now you can wow your prospects with the idea of a single dashboard to encompasses both endpoint and firewall security (and more besides!) along with a webpage that we’ll keep updated with all the latest integration capabilities as they develop.

Finally in this topic, don’t forget that you can now harness the power of Sophos Central to get the maximum information out of your XG with our new Central Firewall Reporting product. Our new sizing calculator helps when it comes to working out your customers’ storage requirements.

As you can see the release of XG Version 18 brings with it lots of opportunities to engage in a conversation with prospects and customers about their security estate and with the developments in synchronised security. Both new and existing customers can benefit from consolidating their products and enjoying better security with a lower cost of ownership.

We hope you make great use of these new tools to help promote that message!