XG Series Hardware Lifecycle: Promos Now Valid for Renewals

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The remaining inventory for older XG Series hardware is still available to purchase and SKUs remain open for all available models. Our XG Flash Sale promo and other regional promos are now also valid for renewals.

As previously announced, XG Series hardware will be sold for as long as stocks last, and the hardware SKUs will remain open, even beyond the extended March 31, 2022 End-of-Sale date. With this date fast approaching, this post answers some of the most common questions about selling XG Series hardware appliances and subscriptions, and outlines how you can use the promos running in many regions to support your business this quarter.

How long can I continue to sell XG Series hardware appliances?
We plan to keep the hardware SKUs open for as long as stocks last for any available models. The availability will vary by region and model, so please reach out to your local Sophos distributor or contact for further details.
Please note: The XG 650 is already sold out globally. Stock levels of the XG 86 are now tight and this model is expected to stock out soon, but we have reasonable quantities of many other models.

How long can I still sell a three-year subscription for the XG Series?
The final order date for a 3-year subscription is March, 31, 2022. This is because subscription terms may not go beyond the March 31, 2025 End-of-Life date. From April 1, 2022, you can sell a 2-year subscription plus additional months to cover the remaining time until the EOL date.

What special offers are available for XG Series hardware?
The ‘XG Flash Sale’ promo is available for you to use in many regions and is now valid for both new and existing customers, including customer renewals*:

  • Buy either 2Y or 3Y of Xstream Protection, get the XG hardware free
  • Valid for EMEA and AMERS (excl. Italy, Brazil)

The following promos have the same scope as the above and are valid in other regions:

  • APJ Region: APJ_XG_Xstream
    • please note that this promo is also valid for a 2-year term

These promos are currently valid until March 31, 2022.

Reach out to your local Sophos team for further details about special offers in any other regions.

Does it make sense to sell an XG Series instead of an XGS Series?
There will be customer scenarios in which our last generation hardware will be sufficient for the customer needs. Although they won’t profit from hardware-based acceleration, they will continue to benefit from the improvements in each new software release and see a performance boost when moving from older hardware.

If your selected XGS Series model has a longer lead time in a short-term project, it is definitely worth evaluating if an XG Series model could also fulfil the requirements.



*These terms are valid for XG Series hardware promos only.