Sophos Evolve: You’re Invited to our Cybersecurity Summit

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Registrations are now open and we’ll be broadcasting live in November: You’ll hear about the latest cybersecurity trends and issues, as well as new product innovations and roadmap plans.

We’re excited to bring you a sneak peek of the latest in our series of Sophos Evolve virtual events: Sophos Evolve Cybersecurity Summit – that promises to be an event no IT professional or security specialist will want to miss.

2020 has intensified the cybersecurity challenge – and increased the opportunity for cybercriminals. Now is the time to review and reinforce the way we work and stay secure. At Sophos Evolve you and your customers will get intelligent insights into the latest threats, and practical advice on how to adapt and stay safe.

The event will be broadcasted live worldwide with plenty of opportunities to engage with the speakers and experts. Sessions will be scheduled in EMEA, Americas and APJ, all with live Q&A with our guest speakers and subject matter experts. You can stay for the day or just come to the sessions that interest you most. So, what can you expect?



Main Stage Keynotes

The main event will focus on the key cybersecurity issues of 2020 and beyond! It will feature a host of respected guest speakers and industry experts, including Security Market Analysts, Live Hackers, Threat Researchers, and Sophos Cybersecurity Experts and Engineers. They will share the latest insights into the latest threats, how cybersecurity strategies are evolving to address them, and offer practical advice on how to adapt and stay safe.

THREAT INTELLIGENCE – We’ll be sharing the latest insights into the latest threats and hacks. You’ll hear directly from ethical hackers about the latest techniques and trends, and from incident response experts who will share real-world examples of how they get into hand-to-hand combat with cybercriminals. We’ll also launch our 2021 Threat Report in which Sophos Labs experts will give you the lowdown on the threat landscape.

CYBERSECURITY LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY – Now is the time to review and reinforce the way we work and stay secure. You’ll hear from analysts and cybersecurity practitioners about how cybersecurity teams, roles and strategies are evolving. We’ll look at the technology to prevent threats and consider how to respond to incidents both technically and from a communications point of view.

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Demo Lab and Product Breakouts

Alongside the main stage program, we’ll be running a set of on-demand product breakouts, where our product managers and engineers will be showcasing the latest Sophos innovations, and providing updates on the product roadmap. You’ll learn about the latest innovations, and why Sophos is a leader in cybersecurity.

You’ll learn about:  Synchronized Security, Sophos Central, Intercept X with EDR, XG Firewall, Managed Threat Response, Mobile Security and much more.

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Generate Leads for Your Business by Promoting Sophos Evolve

On the Sophos Partner Portal, you can find a number of promotional materials so you can ensure your customers don’t miss out, and because you can use your Partner Referral ID we’ll be able to track who attends so you can follow-up with them, and of course, there will be a range of co-branded marketing assets for you to use to make it easy to get involved.

If you are using Sophos Site-in-a-box to create Sophos product pages on your website, you will soon see a promotional banner appear. It’ll automatically include your Referral ID and track all event registrations that originated from your website. You don’t know Site-in-a-box? Learn more about the tool on the Sophos Partner Portal.

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Of course, as a Sophos Partner you are more than welcome to join too! Come along to discuss the evolving threat landscape and cybersecurity strategy, and get insights into product innovations and the roadmap.