More Enhancements to the Sophos Partner Portal

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Find out what has changed recently on the Sophos Partner Portal.

A lot has been going on the Sophos Partner Portal recently. The Sales Zone section was completely refreshed and we also introduced the new Asset Library, helping you to easily locate product, sales and marketing material. Today, we are happy to announce that we have reached another important milestone and can share many more user enhancement updates with you.

Firstly, the Sophos Partner Portal can now be found at this new location: So please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Here is a quick overview of what else has changed:

  • Notification Center (New)
    You will now receive messages and updates from us directly, simply click on the bell icon in the top right to access your message inbox.
  • Sales & Marketing is now Tools & Resources (Update)
    We have renamed the “Sales & Marketing” section to align better with content to be found here.
  • Demand Gen Campaigns (Update)
    We will now focus on a set of recommended campaigns for you to run with.
  • Sales Tools (New)
    A new page for sales reps calling out useful resources to help with sales.
  • Tech Tools (New)
    A new page for the tech audience providing useful resources and services.
  • XG Firewall Sizing Desk (New)
    The XG Firewall Sizing Desk is now available to assist with complex sizing requirements.
  • Pricing & Promotions (Update)
    You can now access pricing information and regional promotions more conveniently.

Stay tuned for many more enhancements to come.

If you’d like to share any feedback, please reach out to us at