Healthcare Cybersecurity in Times of Covid-19

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues unabated to devastate the global health, economical, and social systems, healthcare organizations are battling to not just control the pandemic but also to keep in check the intensified cybersecurity threats from hackers looking to exploit the global healthcare crisis.

Cybercriminals are increasingly taking advantage of healthcare’s increased dependency on digital tools and devices during this global crisis with pandemic-themed phishing emails, spear-phishing, healthcare-crippling ransomware attacks, and business email compromises among other kinds of cyberattacks– all of which are targeting critical federal and healthcare institutions, public health agencies, pharmaceutical giants, and vaccine research facilities.

Rising number of remote workers, remote connections, and devices on the network; telehealth and telemedicine; and hastily-erected field hospitals to care for the overwhelming high number of patients are all fueling up the rise in cybersecurity risks across the healthcare sector. Read more in our blog on The impact of COVID-19 on healthcare cybersecurity to understand how cybercriminals are unabashedly continuing their onslaught of targeted attacks on the overworked and understaffed healthcare sector to make unethical gains.

As the pandemic gives rise to new places to safeguard and secure in healthcare, here’s how you can help customers in the industry to manage their IT security:

24/7 human-led threat hunting service

With Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR), organizations enjoy the 24/7 protection of an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who proactively hunt for and neutralize threats on their behalf. These highly-trained security professionals are able to detect – and stop – advanced human-led attacks before they can affect an organization.

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Live incident response service

Any organization experiencing an active incident can deploy our Rapid Response service. Our team of expert incident responders will rapidly identify and neutralize the active threat. Whether it is an infection, compromise, or unauthorized access that is attempting to circumvent security controls, we have seen and stopped it all.

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Advanced IT hygiene and threat hunting tools

If organizations prefer to conduct their own threat hunts, Sophos Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) gives them the tools they need for advanced threat hunting and IT security operations hygiene. Powerful search capabilities allow their team to identify and proactively address security and IT hygiene issues, elevating their protection.

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Next-gen cybersecurity system

Organizations that deploy a Sophos next-gen cybersecurity system consistently report a 50% reduction in IT management overheads. By deploying our marketing-leading endpoint and firewall solutions and managing everything through the Sophos Central platform, IT teams halve the time spent managing cybersecurity – while also improving their security effectiveness.

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Insightful ransomware research

SophosLabs and the Sophos MTR team regularly publish research into the latest ransomware techniques on the Sophos blog.