Sophos XG Firewall offer: Up to 100% hardware discount on firewalls until March 31, 2021

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For UK, Ireland and Nordics Partners Only

We’re offering your customers up to 100% hardware discount on our new XG Firewall, when purchased in combination with a subscription for FullGuard, FullGuard Plus or EnterpriseGuard Plus. This offer is available to all customers, whether they have a Sophos XG or SG Series firewall or a competing firewall installed currently.

Customers who already have a Sophos XG or SG Series firewall can get a new XG model of a same or higher category, and take advantage of up to 100% hardware discount.


What’s the deal?

In this fantastic deal that only runs until the end of March, your customers can get:

  • 50% off the XG Firewall hardware price when they subscribe to FullGuard, FullGuard Plus or EnterpriseGuard Plus for two years.
  • 100% off the XG Firewall hardware price when they subscribe for three years.

Give your customers the best protection against modern threats with our next-gen products. Whether they are already Sophos customers or with another firewall provider, make sure they don’t miss out on this fantastic offer, which ends on March 31, 2021.


Why should customers switch to Sophos?

There are many benefits of choosing the Sophos XG Firewall. Tell your customers how they will benefit from:

  • Better visibility – We use telemetry from the endpoint to automatically identify and expose hidden risks, and our endpoint integration can provide automated responses to incidents. Sophos also identifies top risk users based on browsing habits and advanced threat infections, and the Cloud Application Visibility can identify shadow IT and at-risk data.
  • Better protection – Unified Firewall rules define policies and settings for antivirus, SSL inspection, sandboxing, IPS, QoS, web filtering, and app control. The XG Firewall uses deep-learning technology in the Sophos Sandstorm solution to catch previously unseen malware. We use the best technology from industry-leading, next-generation endpoint protection solutions. And we use exploit prevention to identify malware exploits and ransomware before they get onto your network.
  • Better management and reporting – Our XG Firewall solution provides fully integrated, on-box reporting and log storage, and we use high-performance SSDs at no extra charge to you. We also provide free Sophos Central management to manage your firewalls along with all your IT security products, such as endpoint, server, mobile, and wireless.

This offer is valid for all XG Series appliances except 86/86w/106/106/all Enterprise Guard appliances.

Customers not currently using a Sophos Firewall just need to provide proof that they’re replacing a competitive firewall (e.g. model and serial number).

Switch your customers to a Sophos Firewall for a free hardware appliance. Find out more


Why should existing customers upgrade?

There are many reasons why existing Sophos customers should upgrade Sophos XG or SG Series Firewall to our newer XG models.

  • Enhanced performance – Multi CPUs can deliver as much as a 35% increase in performance, increased RAM, faster SSDs, and fibre ports to support faster and more flexible connectivity.
  • Optimised connectivity – Flexi-port modules now have new options such as QSFP+ and PoE to connect to your access points, devices and LAN bypass ports, which are built in on all 1U models. Plus, get 3G/4G connectivity, a VDSL modem, optional 802.11ac Wi-Fi on all desktop models, and a second Wi-Fi module option enabling dual-band support.
  • Improved redundancy – Our new model offers a redundant power supply on all models except XG 86, and flexible options to add redundancy, for example, via Wi-Fi or LTE.

This offer is valid for all XG Series appliances except 86/86w/106/106/all Enterprise Guard appliances.

Sophos Firewall customers can take advantage of this fantastic offer before March 31, 2021. Find out more


Contact your customers today to let them know about this fantastic offer or Contact your Channel Account Manager for more information.

Connect with your customers, tell them about this fantastic deal, and get their firewalls ready for the future, at a great price.