Windows ARM 64 Support for Intercept X

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We are pleased to announce that on June 24 we are releasing support for Windows ARM64 devices with Intercept X. This is an exciting milestone as devices using ARM64 processors are increasingly common in many organizations.

This initial release includes many of the powerful defensive capabilities of Intercept X, however, please note that it does not include all functionality. Details are in this post.

Which products are supported?

  • Intercept X Advanced
  • Intercept X Advanced with EDR
  • MTR Standard and Advanced
  • Intercept X Essentials (when available from July 1)

Which features are available?

June 24:

  • Deep Learning file scanning (on-access and on-demand)
  • CryptoGuard
  • Application Control
  • Web Protection
  • Live Discover
  • Live Response

Q3CY21 (planned):

  • Web Control
  • Device Control
  • Endpoint Firewall
  • File Download Reputation
  • DLP
  • Device Encryption (Central Device Encryption)

How can a customer deploy to Windows ARM64 devices?
There is no change to the installation process. From June 24 the Windows installer will work on ARM64 devices.

What about Mac ARM64 support?
The early access program for Big Sur M1 processor support on Mac is running now. This community post can be shared with customers that would like to take part.