Global 100% Discount Code for Central Wireless

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Our wireless business is doing really well with APX sales at an all-time high, albeit under very challenging supply chain conditions, and we have seen some phenomenal wins with Sophos Central managed Wireless.

As we work on building the next generation of Wi-Fi access points (with an expectation to deliver these around mid to late 2022), we want to continue this trajectory and are now focusing our efforts on increasing awareness of our Sophos Central managed Wireless offering and the advanced feature-set and scalability it provides.

100% discount on Central Wireless Standard

With immediate effect, we are introducing a global 100% discount code for all Central Wireless subscriptions.


This discount code allows our distribution and sales channel to provide 100% discount on all currently available termed Central Wireless Standard subscriptions.

  • Central Wireless Standard (for APX)
  • Central Wireless Standard – Entry
  • Central Wireless Standard – Performance

The discount is applicable to all available terms and all volume bands and does not require the purchase of any other product.

Subscriptions for the AP Series access points must not extend beyond the EOL date of March 31, 2023.

The discount is available for both new purchases and renewals.

  • Existing customers can switch their access points over to Sophos Central for a better feature-set.
  • AP Series customers who switch to the XGS Series, get a free option to continue using any supported access points in Sophos Central (AP Series access points are not supported on the XGS Series hardware) until they have the budget to do a Wi-Fi hardware refresh.

This offer is for our current termed subscriptions only.

Taking the pricing discussion off the table

Our main goal with this discount is to take the price discussion off the table. Since we first introduced Wireless in Sophos Central in 2016, the single biggest objection we have heard, is that Central Wireless costs money when Wi-Fi management in Sophos Firewall OS is free. We have indeed been our own biggest competitor.

This has led to some customers opting to manage Wi-Fi via the firewall, even when it was not the ideal choice and they met all the criteria for a perfect Central Wireless deployment scenario (multiple sites, require remote management, using other Sophos Central products).

Going for the cross-sell

You’re selling Sophos Central managed products every single day – Wireless should be one of them.

  • Endpoint customers can benefit from synchronized security functionality with Wireless (those with a Sophos Firewall should use that).
  • Mobile customers get synchronized security with Wireless for a NAC-like enforcement of the compliance and risk status for managed mobile devices.

Everyone needs Wi-Fi – at home or in the office – and there’s a whole customer base of existing Sophos Central customers for you to address. On your next call, simply ask, “what do you do for Wi-Fi?” Furthermore, there are many firewall customers who have access points using precious hardware resources on their firewall, when they could be managing them in Sophos Central.