XG 85(w)/XG 105(w) Lifecycle and Migration Exclusion

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The XG 85(w) and 105(w) were announced as end-of-sale back in 2019, after the release of the successor products (XG 86/106) with 4 GB of RAM to support SFOS v18.x.

These products are now coming up to their final renewal date on August 17, 2021, and as this milestone falls in the midst of the license transition and migration, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Product Lifecycle Milestones

End-of-sale:       August 17, 2019
Last Renewal:    August 17, 2021 (last chance to order 1-year and 1-month SKUs)
End-of-life:        August 17, 2022 (this is the end of support date)

Ordering and Quoting Renewals

These models can’t be upgraded beyond version 17.5 and so can’t use the Central Orchestration functionality included in the Xstream Protection bundle.

To support sales until the final renewal date, we have re-opened the following 1-year and 1-month renewal SKUs for these models only to allow orders until August 17, 2021:

  • EnterpriseGuard
  • EnterpriseGuard Plus
  • FullGuard
  • FullGuard Plus

Please note: If a customer wants their license to extend until the EOL date, they need to order the required term by August 17, 2021. License terms should not extend beyond the EOL date.

Example: Even if a customer has an expiry date of October 31, 2021, they should order the required 1-month subscriptions for the period from November 2021 thru August 2021 before August 17, 2021.

Price List

The bundle subscription SKUs have already been removed from the price list, however, the à la carte subscription SKUs for these models are still available on the current price list.

The à la carte subscription SKUs will be removed from the next price list. This does mean that they will be available for slightly longer – potentially up to a further 8-10 weeks (incl. the pricing change notice period).

License Migration

XG 85 and 105 customers with bundles will be excluded from all regional license migrations which take place after August 6, 2021.

The regions where some or all customers with these models have been migrated are:

  • UKI – all XG 85/105 customers with bundle SKUs have already been migrated.
  • DACH – as the DACH migration was done in multiple phases, about 1/3 of all XG 85/105 customers with bundle SKUs were migrated, the remaining 2/3 were excluded.

Changes have been made in our systems to allow you to quote the successor products for these customers.

In NEEMEA, Western Europe, the Americas and all of APJ, all XG 85/105 customers will be excluded from the automatic migration.

Find out more about the migration status in our knowledgebase article.

Refresh Opportunity

It is definitely worth looking at the opportunity you have encourage these customers to refresh their current hardware and switch to a newer model:

  • Their appliance will be EOL and end of support in just over 1 year
  • They can’t get the newest features as these models are stuck on v17.5 (due to just 2 GB RAM)

Your local Sophos team or distributor will be happy to help.