What is a Sophos Partner Portal Administrator?

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Find out what this role entails and where to go if you need help.

Sophos has made it easy to get acclimated as a partner portal administrator. Your first question probably is: “Am I a partner portal administrator”? Verifying is simple. Just click this link: https://partners.sophos.com/English/Reseller/profile/manage_team_members.aspx

If the link takes you a user management page, yes, you are a partner portal administrator. If you don’t see that page, we recommend to look below for another interesting article to read.

Manage users

So you’re a partner portal administrator. What does that mean for you? We’ve already revealed that, as expected, you’re able to manage users. New partner portal users will need your approval to gain access (you should receive an email notification when a new user applies for access). You can create new users,  add additional administrators, or defer the role entirely to someone else. Visit this page on the Sophos Partner Portal for more guidance and a how-to video on user management.

Update company details

The next typical admin task is to keep your company details fresh. You can update a few key pieces of your company details, such as phone number and the visibility status of your company, on our partner locator, where prospects go to find a reseller near them. You can update your company details here.

There are a few more abilities and responsibilities you might not expect from the partner portal administrator role, and I’d like to take a moment to briefly explain them.

Compliance updates and compliance dashboard

Only an organization’s partner portal administrators receive our monthly compliance updates. These are email notifications on updates to the Sophos Partner Program. And only administrators have access to the compliance dashboard where you can track your organization’s compliance status within the Sophos Partner Program and view your organization’s current revenue and certification attainment. You can access the compliance dashboard here.

If you’d like colleagues to receive this information as well, or to give them access to the compliance dashboard, please make sure to add them as portal administrators.

Join Sophos specializations

Lastly, you can save time becoming a Sophos Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Cloud Security Provider (CSP). If you chose to pursue one of those specializations, you can complete a short application form via the Sophos Partner Portal instead of completing the long form via the Sophos website.

If you need any help, please reach out to our Partner Care team via https://support.sophos.com or check out these help resources:

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