Available Now: The New Sophos Firewall Sizing Tool

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Find the most suitable firewall model in just a few simple steps

The highly anticipated Firewall Sizing Tool is now available for you to use.

This handy tool provides Sophos partners with a quick and easy way to find the most suitable XGS Series, Virtual, or Cloud appliance for many customer deployments.

As it provides a Minimum, Recommended, and Optimal choice, you can use the tool to guide firewall conversations and explain the importance of planning, not only for the full lifecycle of the product, but also for unexpected changes.

Sizing requests for more complex environments should still be sent to the Firewall Sizing Desk to avoid any incorrect sizing.

This video provides an overview of the tool and explains what data to enter and why. Example scenarios help to better understand the results.

Benefits of using the Firewall Sizing Tool

  • Receive a recommendation in a few simple steps
  • Guide your customers through the model selection during your firewall conversations
  • Quickly see the impact parameter changes have on the required model
  • Save the suggested models in Word format for later use
  • Get easy access using single sign-on with your Partner Portal credentials
  • Offers XGS Series hardware, Azure, AWS, and Virtual appliance sizing

How to access the Firewall Sizing Tool

Open https://firewallsizing.sophos.com. If you are not logged into the Partner Portal, you will need to authenticate

We’d love to hear any feedback you have once you’ve tried it out.

Happy sizing!