Sophos Mobile XDR is Here!

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Quickly identify devices running vulnerable app and operating system versions, those which are rooted or jailbroken, and much more.

We are delighted to announce that Sophos Mobile XDR is now available.

As we recently noted, mobile devices pose a growing threat to organizations and require no less protection than any other endpoint. With Mobile XDR, admins can quickly identify devices running vulnerable app and operating system versions or those which are rooted or jailbroken.

Our offering also assists with IT hygiene, enabling admins to pinpoint devices low on disk space or no longer communicating with the server.

By storing mobile events and information inside the Sophos XDR data lake, customers benefit from enhanced visibility into events taking place across their environment. In addition to identifying current issues, admins can go back in time and dig into the history of suspicious activity.

All this information is stored side-by-side with each of our XDR-enabled products – endpoint, server, firewall, email, and cloud security – allowing customers to surface suspicious activity and investigate it across the entire estate.

Send your customers to to learn more about Sophos Mobile and initiate a 30-day, no-obligation trial (don’t forget to include your Partner Referral ID). Existing Sophos Central users can activate Sophos Mobile for free for a month directly within their management console; simply click on the Free Trial button and follow the links.