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We’re pleased to announce that from today, Sophos Email has taken a major leap forward, adding the ability to directly integrate with Microsoft 365 via Mailflow Rules. While also adding S/MIME encryption and sender authentication to protect customers from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Deliver on what Email buyers want

In a recent Sophos IT buyer survey, the two most influential factors in the choice of email security solutions were – “Ease of deployment” at 47 percent, and “Integration with Microsoft 365” at 46 percent. As a Sophos Partner, you can now provide both with Sophos Email!

New mailflow rules for Microsoft 365

Sophos Email Mailflow Rules integrate directly with Microsoft 365 (M365) and use Microsoft Exchange Connector Services to analyze emails for phishing and advanced threats faster than ever. For Sophos Partners and customers this means three big benefits:

  • Faster setup: Sophos Mailflow Rules connection is completed in minutes, with no delays on protection or the need for MX record redirections which take time to propagate.
  • More efficient management: Setup and management are more efficient for customers and partners with the whole process contained in Sophos Central, with no need to keep switching to the M365 admin console.
  • Get protected sooner: Tapping directly into the flow of messages from the sender to the M365 recipient avoids the need to reroute email through a Secure Email Gateway. This means faster processing time on all emails, while still providing the same advanced protection from phishing and other threats.

Make the switch to mailflow rules

Sophos partners and customers can easily enroll new domains or update existing domains from the Sophos Gateway setup to the new Mailflow Rules process in Sophos Central, and all policy settings are retained. Mailflow will also enables customers to protect a subset of mailboxes from the domain if required. To do so, simply create a new group in M365 and add those mailboxes that will benefit from Sophos protection. Then once M365 users and groups are synchronized in Sophos Central, this group is also imported.

New S/MIME email-signing and encryption

As emails move from sender to recipient, they stop at various servers along the way. These stops make it possible for email contents to be read, or fake replies and links to be inserted, that could result in stolen data or recipients being unwittingly redirected to phishing sites.

S/MIME encrypts email messages and adds a digital signature to safeguard against this email spoofing. This makes it ideal for regulated industries due to the authentication of the sender in the flow of messages. S/MIME is now included with Sophos Email Advanced, adding to the range of customizable encryption options including TLS encryption, attachment encryption, and full web portal encryption (optional add-on).

Access all the sales and product resources the Sophos Partner Portal today, or visit Sophos.com/email to view the latest enhancements.