New: Sophos UTM 9 to Sophos Firewall Migration Tool

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The early access program is now available to all Sophos partners.

In the past, Sophos has offered different firewall migration tools which have provided either Sophos UTM (SG) or SonicWall customers a way to move an existing configuration to Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). Our development team has recently combined the two tools into a single migration assistant, improving the Sophos UTM (SG) migration in the process.

We now offer a single migration tool that works for both Sophos UTM 9 and SonicWall for migrations to SFOS – which is now available for early access to all Sophos partners.

The advantages of this new migration assistant include:

  • Convert backups much faster (seconds instead of minutes)
  • The exported migration file is compatible with v18 and later builds of SFOS
  • The exported migration file is in API format, allowing advanced users to edit the output as required before importing to SFOS

Partners can learn more about and download the updated migration assistant here.

The related online documentation is currently being updated and still only refers to SonicWall, however, the tool works equally well with both Sophos UTM 9 and SonicWall files.

You can let us know what you think about the migration tool by sending an email to

Need help with your migration? Find out more about the Migration Help Desk.