End-of-Life for XG 85(w), XG 105(w), and Sophos Firewall OS v17.5

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Important lifecycle information for Sophos Firewall products

As previously announced, the following products will reach their end-of-life date on August 17, 2022 and will no longer be supported:

Product End-of-Life Date Migration Path
XG 85 hardware appliance August 17, 2022 XGS 87 or higher
XG 85w hardware appliance August 17, 2022 XGS 87w or higher
XG 105 hardware appliance August 17, 2022 XGS 107 or higher
XG 105w hardware appliance August 17, 2022 XGS 107w or higher
SFOS v17.5 for the above models August 17, 2022 Latest SFOS version on newer hardware

If your customers are still using the above models, they should plan to replace their hardware with a supported model before the end-of-life date to maintain their current security level. Any valid subscription can be transferred to their new appliance.

Customers looking for an alternative product who are planning a slightly shorter lifecycle for their firewall (<3 years), could also still consider an XG Series hardware model. Please check with your local distributor or Sophos team regarding stock availability and further details.

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We plan to send an email to affected partners and customers in early July.