New Sophos ZTNA Deskaid and Qualification Guide

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Here’s a new sales tool to help you pitch the advantages of ZTNA and qualify opportunities. We also have a new short video that explains what Zero Trust is and why it’s better.

ZTNA is a new and better way of connecting remote users to a company’s applications, data, and systems. It offers enhanced security, easier management, and a more transparent end-user experience than VPN.

Our award-winning Sophos ZTNA is perfect for Sophos customers with remote workers, especially if they are already using Intercept X for endpoint protection as Sophos ZTNA is nicely integrated to provide a single agent, single console, single vendor solution for all their remote worker security needs. It supports Synchronized Security for device health, and is managed from Sophos Central. They literally just need to buy a ZTNA license for their users and flip a switch! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

This new ZTNA DeskAid and Qualification Guide provides a quick reference when talking to prospects about ZTNA. It provides suggested talking points, benefits, and helps qualify prospects as well as handle common objections.

Check it out and share with your prospects and customers.

Sophos ZTNA Deskaid 1
Sophos ZTNA Deskaid 2

New ZTNA Video

This short new video explains the need for zero trust and why ZTNA is so important in just 3 minutes.

Please share this video with your prospects and customers.