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Meet the Sophos Compromise Assessment

The cost of a breach rises with every second that an attack goes undetected. When responding to an active threat, it is imperative that the time between the initial indicators of compromise and full threat remediation be as brief as possible. Sophos Incident Response Services provide lightning-fast assistance in identifying and neutralizing active security threats.

Sophos provides two core incident response services—the Sophos Compromise Assessment and Sophos Rapid Response—that each play a unique role in managing the incident response lifecycle and helping organizations rapidly identify and neutralize threats.

The Sophos Compromise Assessment – “Has my customer been breached?”

The Sophos Compromise Assessment is the fastest, most effective means of identifying ongoing or past attacker activity in your customers’ environments.

The Sophos Compromise Assessment includes the following benefits:

  • The service is delivered by an expert team of threat hunters and response specialists who confirm if an attacker is operating undetected in your customers’ environment
  • Sophos experts identify the scope of the threat and quantify the potential risk of a widespread security incident
  • Partners and customers receive a written report with technical documentation and a non-technical executive summary detailing evidence of attacker activity
  • Priority onboarding enables customers to immediately shift from threat assessment to threat neutralization with Sophos Rapid Response if an active incident is confirmed

Watch the video to find out more:

Who is The Sophos Compromise Assessment For? 

The Sophos Compromise Assessment is for any organization that:

  • Suspects they may have suffered a breach and needs immediate confirmation
  • Is seeking a routine, in-depth endpoint health audit

Sophos Compromise Assessments are typically completed within 7 days of the Initial Coordination Call with the Sophos Incident Response Services team. If an active breach is confirmed during the assessment, it is recommended that customers engage Sophos Rapid Response, our full-scale incident response service, which will rapidly triage, contain, and neutralize the active threat.


Sophos Rapid Response – “My Customer Has Been Breached! What Do We Do Now?”

Sophos Rapid Response is a full-scale emergency incident response service that rapidly eliminates active threats and provides 45 days of 24/7 monitoring to ensure there is no recurrence of the threat.

Sophos Rapid Response includes the following benefits:

  • Delivered by a 24/7 team of remote incident response experts, threat intelligence analysts, and threat hunters who work quickly to eliminate active threats in your customers’ environments and identify the root cause
  • Rapid deployment enables Sophos threat responders to take immediate action to triage, contain, and eliminate active threats
  • Partners and customers receive a written report with technical documentation and a non-technical executive summary detailing the attack actions taken to eliminate the attacker
  • 45 days of ongoing threat monitoring and response from the Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team ensures any recurrence of the threat is handled immediately
  • Fixed-fee pricing determined by the number of users and servers in your customer’s environment keeps remediation costs predictable

Who is Sophos Rapid Response For?

Sophos Rapid Response is for any organization that is experiencing an active incident and needs immediate expert assistance to identify and neutralize the active threat, as well as determine the root cause.


Next Steps

Post breach or at any time, transitioning to Sophos MDR ensures that your customer is backed by an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats – protecting their businesses and yours.



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