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Sophos recently launched the new Sophos MDR service that opens a myriad of business opportunities for Sophos partners.

Delivering cybersecurity as a service

The reality is that cybersecurity has become too complex for most organizations to manage on their own. Defending an organization against rapidly evolving, increasingly complex and elusive cyberthreats is a considerable challenge. In today’s volatile climate, going it alone is just not an option. There’s a real need for an end-to-end cybersecurity approach and a strong partner to navigate this complex environment.

Sophos MDR is the easiest way to step up into delivering cybersecurity as a service and to set up a successful cybersecurity practice.

Including telemetry from third-party vendors

Meet your customers where they are without enforcing an unnatural rip and replace: Sophos became the first and only provider able to integrate at scale third-party (non-Sophos) telemetry, native (Sophos) telemetry, or any combination of the two. The challenge lies in integrating this data in a way that allows meaningful analysis and insights that would otherwise not be possible standalone.

Signals from across the customer environment are automatically consolidated, correlated and prioritized with insights from the Sophos Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem and the Sophos X-Ops threat intelligence unit to accelerate threat detection, investigation and response and deliver superior cybersecurity outcomes.

More organizations trust Sophos for MDR than any other vendor

Testament to the quality of our service, Sophos is the world’s most trusted managed detection and response (MDR) provider, already protecting over 13,000 organizations around the globe.

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To get started, join the Sophos MDR Certification that will enable you to become a trusted cybersecurity as a service advisor for your customers. In less than one hour, you will hear about the value of both Cybersecurity as a Service and MDR, and how to position, sell and package Sophos MDR so you can deliver the very best cybersecurity outcomes for your customers. Plus, we’ll give you credit for this knowledge towards your partner tier attainment​.

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