The Gartner® Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

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Help your customers make the right decision when choosing an MDR provider with this helpful Gartner Market Guide

Today’s well-funded adversaries are continuously innovating and industrializing new ways to evade defensive technologies. Stopping them requires 24/7 eyes-on-glass by specialist threat detection and response analysts. Many organizations are struggling to keep pace and are turning to dedicated managed detection and response (MDR) providers for help.

Choosing an MDR partner is a big decision. Your customers need an organization that meets them where they are, with people, processes, and technology integrations aligned to their business. We believe the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services is a helpful resource for anyone considering adding MDR to their cyber defenses. It provides insights and guidance that will help them select the right MDR provider for their organization, and covers:

  • The MDR market
  • The deliverables that successful MDR services provide
  • Different ways MDR services can support organizations according to their in-house cybersecurity capabilities
  • Technology considerations when evaluating MDR providers

On the Sophos Partner Portal (on the right side of the page), you can access a free version of the report, or download your copy here. We have also prepared a promotional email that you can easily co-brand to share the report with your customers.

What to consider when selecting an MDR provider

There are many things to take into account when choosing an MDR partner. Key areas that I recommend your customers explore include:

  • What breadth and depth of threat expertise does the provider offer?
  • What do their customers say about the service?
  • What MDR service delivery options do they provide, and which is the right approach for your customers?
  • What is their incident response experience? Do they overwhelm you with alerts, or provide consolidate updates?
  • How do they integrate your customers’ existing security solutions for threat detection and response?

Sophos MDR: The world’s most popular MDR service

Let me share with you briefly how Sophos MDR stacks against those criteria.

Breadth and depth of threat experience

Sophos is the number one MDR provider globally, securing over 13,000 organizations – considerably more than any other vendor – against ransomware, breaches, and other threats that technology alone cannot stop. This breadth of customer telemetry enables us to generate ‘community immunity’, where we apply learnings from defending one organization to all other customers, elevating everyone’s defenses.

Customer feedback

Sophos MDR customers consistently tell us they value the superior cybersecurity outcomes that we deliver. Based solely on independent customer feedback, Sophos has been rated the Top Vendor in the 2022 G2 Grid® for MDR Services serving the midmarket. This recognition is in addition to being named a Leader for MDR in the G2 Overall, Midmarket and Enterprise segments, and a 4.8/5 rating across 271 reviews on Gartner® Peer Insights™ as on December 20th, 2022.

Service delivery

Our MDR service is designed to meet the needs of your customers. They choose the level of support required, whether they want us to notify them of threats so their or your team can take remedial action, contain threats on their behalf, or provide full incident response and root cause analysis.

Everyone is backed by our team of over 500 security operations specialists who provide expertise across all elements of the detection and response cycle, from threat hunting and neutralization to malware engineering and security automation. With six security operations centers (SOCs) located across Australia, India, Europe, and North America, we provide seamless 24/7 coverage every day of the year.

Incident response experience

Core to Sophos MDR is the delivery of a true detection and response service, not a detection and alerting service. We believe that it’s our job – not yours – to deal with the incredible volume of alerts generated by security technologies. Using our unique Event Flow process, we clean, correlate, and consolidate alerts into manageable clusters, and provide customized, human-authored outcome-focused notifications for our customers.

Leveraging existing technology investments

With Sophos MDR, customers can choose to use Sophos’ best-of-breed security technologies, third-party solutions, or a combination of the two. By leveraging the endpoint, network, email, firewall, cloud, and identity technologies that organizations already have in place to accelerate threat detection and response, Sophos MDR reduces cyber risk while increasing return on existing security investments.

I’m very proud that Sophos is the first and only endpoint security provider to integrate vendor agnostic telemetry from third-party security technologies into its MDR offering, providing unprecedented visibility and detection across diverse operating environments.

Learn more

For more information on Sophos MDR and to dive deeper into any of these areas, visit our website or the MDR Hub on the Sophos Partner Portal. We’d love to help you deliver superior cybersecurity outcomes for your customers.