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Offer your smaller SMB customers great savings on select non-POE switches when purchased together with an XGS Series hardware appliance (terms and conditions apply).

Since the launch of our switches at the end of last year, we’ve seen an increase in network stack sales and the top-selling models are now becoming clear. We currently have a slight oversupply of some non-POE switch models and so are able to provide a limited time offer with 99% discount in combination with a firewall replacement purchase. Further details are available below and in the flyers on the Partner Portal.

What is SMB Switch & Save?

From March 16, 2023 to June 30, 2023 you can offer your customers the following promotion:

Switch to Sophos Firewall and the XGS Series from your current competitor or SG Series firewall, add an eligible non-POE switch plus Support and Services to your order, and save on both products.

Switch discount: 99%
Only valid in combination with Support and Services and an XGS with Xstream Protection

XGS discount: varies by region and model
Other promos may be available if you are not ordering a switch

Your quote/order must meet ALL of the following criteria to be eligible for these discounts:

  • A minimum 3-year term for Xstream Protection for every discounted XGS purchased.
  • A minimum 3-years of Support and Services for every discounted switch purchased.
  • An equal number of discounted XGS/Xstream and Switch/Support combinations.

Example: An order for 2 x XGS 107 each with a 3-year Xstream Protection subscription MUST ALSO INCLUDE two eligible switches each with a 3-years of Support and Services.

Eligible XGS Models: XGS 87, 87w, 107, 107w, 116, 116w
Eligible Switch Models: CS101-8, CS110-24 (non-POE) only

Please ensure that you check your quotes. All orders must adhere to the terms and conditions shown in the flyer which is valid for your region (see below). Irrespective of the quote approval status, a non-eligible order may be refused during order processing if it does not contain all the required products.


When can you use this promo?

  • During a competitive replacement for completely new Sophos Firewall customers or existing Sophos customers who do not own a Sophos firewall of any kind.
  • For existing SG Series customers who switch to Sophos Firewall and the XGS Series
    • These customers can also benefit from an exclusive bonus offer with further discounts on Central Email Advanced and Web Server Protection

This offer is not valid for existing XG Series customers, but please check the availability of our current Global_XG_to_XGS promo code in your region.


Promo Versions

This promotion mirrors the existing conditions of the XGS promos in all regions and therefore, comes in three different versions.

The promo codes, discounts, and the terms and conditions valid for your region are shown in the flyers on the Partner Portal.

Download your SMB Switch & Save flyer (currently English only):

  1. Standard: valid for Americas (excl. Brazil), EMEA (excl. Russia, Belarus), Japan
  2. ANZ-ASEAN-GC: valid for Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, and Greater China only
  3. INDIA: valid for India only

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your distributor or your local Sophos team.