APX Series: Limited Availability Announcement

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Our remaining inventory of APX Series is quickly disappearing and some models are expected to be sold out soon.

We are in the process of informing partners about the limited availability of some APX Series models.

As the stock situation differs considerably between India and other regions, there will be two separate email comms.

  • The emails to partners in India were sent on January 9, 2024.
  • The emails to partners in all other regions will be sent in the coming days.

Outside of India, stock can be transferred between warehouses in some cases.

APX Inventory

Please check with your local distributor or sales contact for the latest inventory status if you have a specific requirement.

To avoid announcing multiple end-of-sale dates that would complicate the lifecycle process for the APX Series, we are taking an approach similar to how we phased out the sales of XG Series hardware appliances. We will eventually communicate the relevant lifecycle milestones for the APX Series to provide a single end-of-life date.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Wi-Fi sales, an individual model may sell out before we make the official lifecycle announcement. Unexpected orders can deplete the remaining inventory of a model from one day to the next.

If the model you require is unavailable, please position an available APX or AP6 model as an alternative (provided it meets the customer’s requirements).

APX to AP6: Recommended Upgrade Path

See the Compare Models page at sophos.com/wireless for complete details.

Current APX Model Potential APX Alternative
(if available)
AP6 Alternative
APX 120 (Wi-Fi 5) APX 320 (Wi-Fi 5) or higher AP6 420 (Wi-Fi 6)
APX 320 (Wi-Fi 5) APX 530 (Wi-Fi 5) or higher AP6 420 (Wi-Fi 6)
AP6 420E (Wi-Fi 6/6E)
APX 530 (Wi-Fi 5) APX 740 (Wi-Fi 5) AP6 840 (Wi-Fi 6)
AP6 840E (Wi-Fi 6/6E)
APX 740 (Wi-Fi 5) APX 530 (Wi-Fi 5) AP6 840 (Wi-Fi 6)
AP6 840E (Wi-Fi 6/6E)
APX 320X (Wi-Fi 5)
none AP6 420X (Wi-Fi 6)

Time to shift your focus to AP6

The AP6 Series provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade your customers to faster and more secure wireless technology.  With Sophos Switch, customers can use 2.5Gbps connectivity to prevent network bottlenecks and meet their PoE+ or POE++ power requirements.

Managed alongside our other solutions in Sophos Central, Sophos Wireless shows its true value as part of a network stack sale to help your customers consolidate their security with a single vendor.

Should you have any questions about APX availability or need help selecting an alternative model, please get in touch with your local Sophos contact or distributor.