Introducing Sophos Customer Success

Partner ProgramCustomer Success

Increasing customer satisfaction and helping partners sell more

“Partner First. Partner Best.” has been our long-standing commitment to the channel. Successful partners are the foundation for Sophos’ success, and we sincerely value our partnership with you.

As part of this effort, we’re introducing a new Sophos Customer Success team that is designed to support customers which will in turn support our channel partners in reaching their objectives to effectively address customer needs, mitigate risks, and foster long-term relationships and customer satisfaction.

Our Goals

We aim to closely collaborate with partners to achieve the following objectives:

Enhance Customer Experience and Loyalty

Customer Success at Sophos goes beyond traditional support services. The team ensures that every customer achieves their desired outcomes with our solutions, driving satisfaction and long-term loyalty. Our dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs) work closely with customers throughout their journey, from onboarding to expansion, fostering adoption, mitigating risks, and uncovering growth opportunities.

Maximize Partner Revenue

For our partners, nothing will change in their existing relationship with Sophos or their customers. However, you may hear from your customers that they are receiving additional support from our CSMs on your account which will increase their satisfaction with the product and their purchase decision and also the likelihood to renew their licenses. CSMs will also actively look for expansion opportunities which will ultimately help you leverage new up- or cross-sell opportunities.

Our Approach

The Sophos Customer Success team follows two approaches to engage with customers:

  • High-touch: This approach involves personalized, hands-on engagement with customers, typically suited for strategic accounts with complex requirements. The Customer Success team will work closely with the Sophos Partner based on their preference on these accounts.
  • Tech-touch: In contrast, tech-touch engagement is more automated and scalable, focusing on efficiently supporting a larger volume of customers with standardized processes. Tech-touch engagement may include automated email communications, self-service resources, and minimal direct interaction with customers.

Our Activities

The Customer Success team engages in various activities:

  • Frequent Communication: Our CSMs maintain regular communication with customers, providing updates, addressing concerns, and ensuring alignment with their evolving needs.
  • Regular Business & Set-up Reviews: In our high-touch motion we conduct regular business and set-up reviews with customers to assess their progress, identify opportunities for optimization, and ensure they are maximizing the value of our solutions.
  • Strategic Expansion Discussions: Our CSMs proactively initiate discussions with customers regarding strategic expansion opportunities, helping identify areas where our solutions can further meet their evolving needs and drive additional value.
  • Escalation Point: CSMs serve as the primary escalation point for customers, facilitating prompt resolution of issues, coordinating with internal teams, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

MSP Customers not currently supported

Please note that the Customer Success team is not supporting MSP customers at this time.

Contact the Team

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact We welcome collaboration opportunities anytime throughout the customer journey.