XG Series Customer Exclusive: New Hardware Refresh Promos

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Special offers for XG Series customers who switch to XGS

After announcing the new XGS Deal Reg Booster in late April, we’re now introducing further incentives to support the Global XG EOL Sales Campaign. The XG Series hardware will be end of life on March 31, 2025.

Exclusive Offer for XG Series Hardware Customers

As an exclusive offer for existing XG Series customers who switch to the XGS Series hardware in combination with the purchase of Xstream Protection, you can now offer:

  • For a 3-year term*:
    • Up to 99% discount on XGS hardware
    • 3 years for the price of 2 years on Xstream Protection
  • For a 1-year term*:
    • 50% discount on XGS hardware
    • 33% discount on Xstream Protection


  • Hardware discounts may be lower for some models.
  • The India 1-year offer is valid for XGS 136 and above only.
  • See the promo flyers for full details on all discounts that are valid in your region.


Promo Variants

We have two sets of promo codes that end in:

  • GLOBAL – for use in all regions except India and Brazil or
  • INDIA – for use in the India Region only

See the promo flyers for further details and the promo codes for your region.

The English language flyers are available on the Partner Portal. All other languages are in translation.

Should you have any questions about using these promos, please reach out to your local Sophos distributor or channel manager.