Adnitor Provides RBG With a Complete Cybersecurity Solution and Grows Their Business as a Sophos MSP

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Adnitor, a London-based IT service provider works with small, medium and mid-sized organisations across a wide range of sectors by supporting their client’s IT function or providing a completely outsourced IT facility for them

“IT security is of paramount importance to us and we needed more than just an arms-length or reactive support service. We wanted to engage with a trusted partner that would get involved in our IT and business strategy. We’re a group of professional services firms, so I don’t really want to think too much about IT and cybersecurity, which is why we wanted to engage a third party to support us.“

Jon Divers, CEO, RBG Holdings PLC

As a Sophos partner and a Managed Service Provider, Adnitor can offer its clients the entire Sophos cybersecurity portfolio to provide them with best-in-market solutions. This partnership also enables Adnitor to access more opportunities to cross- and up-sell, enhance client satisfaction, and increase profitability. One such customer, benefiting from Adnitor’s MSP service is RBG Holdings PLC (RBG), which is the parent company of a group of legal and professional services companies.

Adnitor’s client RBG Holdings PLC (RBG) is the parent company of two leading mid-tier London based law firms, a boutique law firm based in Manchester, and a litigation funding business. Given that law firms are high-profile targets for cyberattacks, RBG sought to secure the best possible cybersecurity solutions to protect the interests of its businesses and clients. In addition to seeking cyber protection, RBG’s leaders recognised that its expertise lay in providing legal services and not monitoring an ever-changing IT landscape. The company therefore selected Adnitor, the IT service provider, Sophos partner and MSP, as its strategic partner to provide IT services..

Business Challenges

A key challenge for RBG was to ensure that highly sensitive client information was secure and protected from cyber breaches in an increasingly perilous threat landscape.

As a professional services business, they wished to focus their efforts on providing the best services to their clients and realised that cybersecurity protection was not something they could achieve successfully on their own. On this basis, RBG sought an IT service provider that would work as a strategic partner for their IT activities and cybersecurity protection, and selected Adnitor to assist them.

The Technical Solution

RBG considered Sophos to be a market leader in cybersecurity and wanted to ensure their businesses were protected from the ever-changing threat landscape. By partnering with Adnitor, RBG has a strategic IT security partner, playing an active role in the IT operations and contributing to the IT strategy of the business, with cybersecurity backed by Sophos. Adnitor now has full access to the complete suite of Sophos cybersecurity solutions, including Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR), which provides 24/7 monitoring through Sophos’s expert analysts, who detect and respond to cyberattacks which target, servers, computers, email accounts, networks, clouds and more.

“Having the complete IT security service in place gives us peace of mind that our systems are being monitored and protected around the clock, enabling us to focus on our clients. Should a breach or attack happen, we have confidence in the expertise of Sophos to respond and close down the threat as quickly as possible. We’re very happy with the way that Adnitor and Sophos work together seamlessly to ensure that we remain protected from the ever-changing threat landscape,“ says Jon Divers, CEO, RBG Holdings PLC.

Business Benefits

RGB benefits from having a trusted strategic IT partner involved in the business, saving time and reducing costs, by no longer needing a full on-site IT team in place. Jon Divers, CEO of RBG Holdings PLC, lists further benefits as being:

  • Complete cybersecurity monitoring, protection and response with Sophos MDR
  • Peace of mind with round-the-clock protection provided by Sophos and Adnitor
  • A trusted IT partner on-hand 24/7/365
  • The knowledge that their business data and sensitive client information is protected by the best-in-market solutions and expertise
  • More time to spend on client services and less time focusing on IT matters
  • Strategic advice and support provided by Adnitor to ensure that the IT operations of the businesses can withstand and respond to the ever-changing IT landscape.

Benefits for Adnitor

It’s not just RGB and their clients who benefit from this partnership; Adnitor has also experienced numerous benefits through being a Sophos MSP. They have reported significant business growth since they first partnered with Sophos and they credit this with the quality of the Sophos solutions and the technical expertise Sophos provides.

Claire Berry, Operations Director at Adnitor, also highlights how this helps Adnitor to build a strong and successful team. “Being a Sophos MSP has benefitted us in a really interesting way. Because of the technical support we receive from Sophos, we haven’t had to go out and aggressively recruit a lot of people with cybersecurity technical knowledge. That means that we are able to focus on providing an excellent IT service to our customers, knowing that Sophos has cybersecurity covered.”

Other benefits for Adnitor and Sophos MSPs include:

  • Adjustable monthly billing from Sophos providing greater flexibility
  • The ability to attract more customers by providing an outsourced IT service
  • Aggregated volume-based discounts, with an increased discount by quantity of customers Ì A holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions to support customers and scale quickly
  • A single management console through which to view all solutions
  • The ability to sell the entire Sophos portfolio, leading to significant opportunities to upsell and cross-sell Ì A way to provide SOC services via Sophos MDR, without the need to hire an IT team to threat hunt and manage 24/7
  • Access to Sophos’ highly competent team of experts to provide comprehensive support
  • A differentiated service to keep business profitable in the long-term
  • Avoiding the cost and time needed to set up their own SOC
  • New ways to promote and sell best in-market solutions and services

“We’ve seen significant growth over the past two years of trading and that’s continuing to happen. Sophos has enabled us to take solutions to our customers quickly, and with their technical support behind us, it enables us to do what we do best, which is to engage effectively with our customers,“ relates Jason Fry, Managing Director, Adnitor.