MSPs: Streamline Alert Management with Enhanced PSA Integrations

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New enhancements to Autotask and ConnectWise integrations reduce operational effort.

Sophos Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners benefit from lower overheads and increased operational efficiencies thanks to a unified Sophos Central security platform, security vendor consolidation, and integrations with popular MSP automation tools.

As part of the Sophos MSP Connect Flex program, our Datto Autotask and ConnectWise PSA integrations provide visibility of your customers’ usage for all products and services deployed through the Sophos Central platform, enabling you to easily bill for the solutions they use.

We are delighted to announce significant new enhancements to these PSA integrations to boost your team’s effectiveness and reduce the operational burden of alert management.


New Datto Autotask PSA ticketing integration

You can now automatically create Autotask PSA service tickets from Sophos Central alerts, saving your team significant time and effort.

  • No need to track alert emails or log into Sophos Central to review and acknowledge alerts.
  • The integration automatically assigns the severity, affected customer, and ticket category when creating Autotask PSA service tickets from Sophos Central alerts, removing this time-consuming manual task.
  • Bi-directional synchronization means that closing a ticket in the Autotask PSA tool automatically closes the associated alert in Sophos Central – and vice versa.
  • New deep links in Autotask service tickets provide direct access to ‘device details’ pages in Sophos Central. This enhancement removes the need to manually search for the customer and the device in the console – saving you an estimated 20 seconds for every alert, at a minimum.

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Enhanced ConnectWise PSA ticketing integration

Sophos MSPs using ConnectWise can also manage Sophos Central alerts directly from their PSA tool, and we are pleased to announce an important enhancement to this integration to increase operational efficiency.

Partners who enable the Sophos ConnectWise PSA ticketing integration now also benefit from deep links in ConnectWise service tickets, providing quick and easy access to ‘device details’ pages in Sophos Central. Again, this enhancement removes the manual effort required to search for the customer and the associated device in the console, saving you valuable time.

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Sophos is constantly innovating to help you grow your business and increase profitability, and our integrations with these popular PSA/RMM tools are a great way to lower your operational overheads.

Keep up to date with the latest enhancements to Sophos’ MSP integrations in the Sophos Community.


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