Introducing the AP6 Series, Our New Wi-Fi 6/6E Access Points

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The wait is over and the new AP6 Series models are available to order

The release of our Wi-Fi 6/6E access points is probably one of the most anticipated launches in recent months. I’m pleased to announce that the wait is over!

AP6 Series

The new AP6 Series models are available to order, and our warehouses are fully stocked1. Not-For-Resale (NFR) orders are also possible.

Available Models

Indoor:           AP6 420, AP6 420E, AP6 840, AP6 840E
Outdoor:        AP6 420X

Full technical details are available on our website at, or in the technical documentation


What’s New?

Wi-Fi 6/Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6 was designed to improve security, performance, and the overall network experience.

Better Performance: Particularly in high-density environments, Wi-Fi 6 provides better throughput-per-area which results in faster speeds and lower latency for each and every user.

Enhanced Security: WPA3 replaces some of the weak spots of its predecessors, such as the Pre-Shared Key (PSK), for a more secure initial key exchange. It also mandates the 192-bit cryptographic strength in WPA3 Enterprise-mode for better overall security.

New 6 GHz Band: Wi-Fi 6E extends the capabilities and features of Wi-Fi 6 into the 6 GHz band, to make use of a cleaner, less congested space.

6 GHz support may not be available in all regions.

New Management Options

The recent pandemic showed us how important it is to have solutions which you can manage remotely, and which offer the flexibility to scale.

Sophos Central

The AP6 Series is our first full generation of access points for Sophos Central management only. This puts all of your other Sophos solutions just a click away; so instead of switching between consoles, you can optimize the use of your time for greater efficiency.

A support and services subscription is required and entitles you to: Sophos Central management, firmware updates, Advance RMA, and 24×7 phone support.

Firewall management of the AP6 Series is not supported and is not planned.

Local User Interface

If you only have only one or two APs to manage, and don’t (or can’t) use cloud management, a local user interface is also available to manage a single AP6 when you’re on-site. This is included in the purchase price of your AP6.

Sound familiar? Support for the AP6 Series follows the exact same approach as Sophos Switch.

Wireless Features

A few features which you know from APX will not immediately be available for AP6 upon launch. We plan to close any feature gaps as soon as possible after launch, so stay tuned for further roadmap updates.

  • Mesh will be available in early access shortly after launch and is expected to be released in the October 2023.
  • Other features coming in later releases (release dates to be confirmed):
    • Synchronized security
    • Usage insights

New Features Exclusive to AP6

In addition to the Wi-Fi 6 specific features, such as Target Wake Time and WPA3 support, AP6 introduces some new features which are exclusive to this series. These include RADIUS accounting, support for a secondary RADIUS server, BSS coloring, SNMP, uplink/downlink OFDMA, to name just a few. A full list is available in the slide deck on the Partner Portal.

2.5G Connectivity

All AP6 models (except the AP6 420) include at least one 2.5G interface. When used in combination with our 2.5G access layer switches, you can help customers to reap the full benefit of the improved Wi-Fi performance, and at the same time, prevent network bottlenecks. Positioning PoE-capable switches alongside AP6 is a great cross-sell opportunity.

To provide a full overview of all features available on each platform, there are now two Licensing Guides: one for AP6, and one for APX (which also includes Sophos Firewall). We’ve also added a new features page on

What About APX?

This launch may raise the question as to what happens with APX.

We will continue regular sales of the APX Series with no changes to management or support. Customers looking for firewall management, or who simply want to add to an existing estate (managed in Sophos Central or on a firewall), can continue to purchase APX.

Further Information

All of our sales assets and web pages have been updated.

  • The updated web pages are now live. See:
  • We have a new, extended datasheet.
  • The Licensing and Feature Guides are available on the Partner Portal and web.
  • There are also knowledgebase articles available with important deployment guidance:
  • If you have a web shop and need AP6 images, you can also download them from the Partner Portal.

For further information, please reach out to your local Sophos distributor or representative.