Net2 Technology Group Shifts Its Strategy from Point Solutions to a Single-Vendor, Integrated Approach to Security

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Read in this case study how our partner Net2 Technology Group shifted their strategy from point solutions to a single-vendor, integrated approach to security.

Why Sophos MSP Connect

As a trusted advisor, Net2 Technology Group always strives to provide its clients with the best possible technology and services. The organization was spurred to broaden its portfolio beyond basic antivirus and malware offerings when president and CTO Gregory Paladino saw a rise in ransomware attacks in the broader threat landscape and among its customer base.

The Sophos MSP Connect program meshed perfectly with Net2 Technology Group’s business vision and strategic plans. Through the program, Net2 Technology Group was able to seamlessly shift from the complexities of managing multiple point products that provide limited coverage to a single vendor, a single management console, and a single flexible program. Now Net2 Technology Group can benefit from increased profitability and efficiency and offer its clients proven, advanced solutions that work together.

Net2 Technology Group collaborated closely with the Sophos team to update its portfolio with advanced security technologies, such as Sophos XG Firewall for powerful network protection and on-box reporting, and Sophos Intercept X Advanced to combat ransomware. All of these solutions are unified by an intuitive, easy-to use centralized management console that gives Net2 Technology Group’s highly experienced engineers better visibility into their clients’ environments and reduces the amount of time spent managing multiple point product consoles.

The company added Sophos Synchronized Security to the mix for a truly coordinated approach to security. With Sophos Synchronized Security, endpoints and firewalls can communicate and share information about threats,  health, and security. The result is better protection, automated incident response, and real-time insight and control for Net2 Technology Group’s clients.

Net2 Technology Group’s small business clientele utilize Sophos Access Points to take advantage of faster, more reliable internet access with broader coverage. As an experienced partner, Net2 Technology Group is familiar with the wireless connectivity struggles customers face and actively work with Sophos to initiate a site survey.

“Since deploying Sophos, we haven’t experienced a single successful ransomware attack.”

Paladino and his team view the site survey as an allimportant first step in implementing a wireless network, as it provides a clear picture of the physical environment from a radio frequency (RF) standpoint and from the
perspective of business requirements.

This survey enables Net2 Technology Group to design a wireless network customized to a client’s requirements with the right amount of coverage and capacity to allow key applications to perform the way they should. Based on the findings in the survey, Net2 Technology Group can propose the right wireless solution, with fast implementation, while involving just a few simple steps.

“Recently, we deployed the Sophos Wireless Access Points following the recommendations from the site survey, and the wireless network is working flawlessly. Coverage, speed, bandwidth, and roaming are excellent, and wireless printing is now fully in place. Our client is getting consistent speeds of 30 Mbps across the entire facility,” reports Paladino. “Apart from vastly improving the performance of the wireless network, Sophos makes Net2 Technology Group look good and has strengthened our relationship with our client.”

Benefits of Working with Sophos

In addition to services like the wireless site assessment, Net2 Technology Group immediately saw the benefits of the Sophos MSP Connect program and signed up without hesitation. The organization is already seeing results:

Greater profitability: A broad portfolio of advanced Sophos technologies that integrate seamlessly and communicate with one another enables Net2 Technology Group to meet all of its clients’ security needs. This increases potential opportunities to small businesses that do not have in-house security or IT expertise.

Greater productivity: Consolidating with Sophos eliminates the headaches and complexity of managing multiple products from different vendors within a single environment. The simple-to-use, cloudbased Sophos Central console and specific product capabilities – such as automated incident response and sharing threat intelligence and security health through Sophos Synchronized Security – save time and reduce management overhead while improving protection. Sophos also provides the Net2 Technology Group’s engineering team with unprecedented visibility into clients’ environments and minimizes help desk calls. All this validates Net2 Technology Group’s position as a trusted advisor and consultant to their diverse client base.

Greater efficiency: Deployment is fast and easy, so new clients can get up and running quickly. Additionally, there’s no need for Net2 Technology Group to invest resources in integration efforts, as Sophos products are already engineered to work together.

“Sophos changed our whole approach to delivering security. The single-pane-ofglass management console expanded our visibility and allows us to efficiently manage all our clients from a central interface.”

Future Plans

Looking to the future, Paladino and his team are interested in exploring Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR, which combines next-generation endpoint protection with endpoint detection and response.  For the MSP’s c clients, this means that threats and breaches are prevented before they can cause harm. This is particularly important for small businesses require assistance when responding to and performing triage when incidents occur.

Paladino is also interested in Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR because it will reduce the volume of alerts and noise and allow his engineers to focus on what matters most. Because the solution is powered by machine learning and enhanced with SophosLabs threat intelligence, adding headcount is not necessary. Net2 Technology Group can gain expertise without adding costs, which is a factor their clients truly value.


Net2 Technology Group is a managed service provider (MSP) in Pennsylvania that targets businesses with five to 50 users across multiple industries, including manufacturing and consumer product distribution centers. Operating for over a decade, Net2 Technology Group assists its clients with business technology transformation, digital strategy development, and workflow process improvement. The organization helps small businesses, which typically lack dedicated IT teams, make the most of their existing technology investments, processes, and people while providing solutions and services that take them to the next level to support growth and efficiency. The Sophos MSP Connect program provides added value and fully aligns with Net2 Technology Group’s strategy and business goals.