Introducing Sophos Rapid Response: Lightning-fast incident response service

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Have you ever received a panicked call from a customer who was experiencing a cyberattack, but you were not sure what you could do to help? Sophos has announced the availability of Sophos Rapid Response, a new incident response service to help with this exact scenario.

Available to both existing and non-Sophos customers, Sophos Rapid Response provides lightning-fast assistance with the identification and neutralization of active threats.  The service is an industry-first, offering a fixed-fee remote incident response service that responds to active cybersecurity attacks throughout its entire 45-day term of engagement.

Introducing Sophos Rapid Response from Sophos on Vimeo.

The Rapid Response team are experts at quickly stopping advanced attacks, minimizing damage and costs, and reducing recovery time.   Regardless of whether it is a ransomware infection, network compromise, or unauthorized access attempting to circumvent security controls, they have seen and stopped it all.

Not only is the Rapid Response team experienced, they’re also incredibly fast.

“I’ve seen firsthand how the Sophos Rapid Response team is able to cut through all of the noise to quickly remediate security incidents within hours, and the feedback from customers has been nothing but exceptional.”

Jeremy Weiss, cybersecurity practice lead at CDW

Due to their positive experience with the service, most Rapid Response customers have transitioned to full-time Sophos Managed Threat Response (MTR) customers when their 45-day engagement was over.

“A charitable organization providing housing and support services to thousands of vulnerable adults was hit by ransomware, taking down operations at all of its more than 40 facilities. The organization called us for help, and we immediately deployed Sophos Rapid Response. Working together with Sophos Rapid Response, we were able to get them back up and running quickly so they could continue serving those in need. Netcetera clients already running Sophos’ next-generation security suite are well protected, and we haven’t seen a ransomware incident in our managed client base in many years. When we get a call for help from new clients, however, I’ll always bring in Sophos Rapid Response,” said Steve Weeks, president at Netcetera

The highly responsive team is rock solid in its ability to work with us and get compromised organizations out of the danger zone, and ultimately, help us to close new business opportunities.”

More information about Rapid Response can be found on our website. Partner resources are available under the Sophos Managed Threat Response section on the partner portal.