XG Firewall v18 Performance Gains

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How your customers can take advantage of substantial performance benefits.

XG Firewall v18 includes several performance gains that will breathe new life into customer networks enabling them to handle more traffic and better secure it. If you haven’t upgraded your customers to XG Firewall v18 already, you’re going to want to do so as soon as possible to take advantage of the substantial performance benefits.

What are the gains and where do they come from?

Consider these potential performance boosts available by upgrading to XG Firewall v18:

That’s some impressive performance improvements!

One of the most exciting enhancements to XG Firewall in v18 was the introduction of the new Xstream Architecture with it’s all new streaming DPI engine, advanced TLS 1.3 inspection solution, and Network Flow FastPath.


Let’s look at how the Xstream Architecture upgrades performance:

Trusted Traffic FastPath Acceleration:

The new Xstream Network Flow FastPath is all about performance.  It directs trusted traffic that doesn’t require security scanning onto the fast lane through the system. This not only minimizes latency and accelerates application traffic through the firewall, it also has the added benefit of not engaging the DPI engine for deep-packet inspection of trusted traffic.

The impact of fastpathing is up to a 5x improvement in firewall traffic throughput!  Of course, with a blend of real-world traffic mixes, not all applications qualify for trusted traffic FastPath acceleration, but if a substantial portion of traffic can be accelerated on the FastPath, it can increase the firewall’s security scanning capacity while allowing more trusted traffic.  That’s a win-win.

Be sure to see how to make the most of the Network Flow FastPath on your network to see how this works and how to set it up optimally.

TLS Inspection Speed:

The new Xstream TLS inspection solution also brings a tremendous boost in decrypting and inspecting encrypted traffic flows with up to a 2x improvement in performance.  And when you combine the added performance with the very granular and easy to manage TLS inspection policies, you can be sure XG Firewall is only inspecting traffic that really needs it, and now do it faster than ever.

See how to make the most of Xstream TLS Inspection on XG Firewall.

IMIX Traffic Performance:

Internet Mix or IMIX is an often used reference in measuring typical real-world internet network traffic performance making it a good metric to consider when looking at performance.

The new Xstream Architecture in XG Firewall v18 also brings a substantial boost in performance to this important metric.  On our mid-range models, the gains are over 100% with the average across the XG Series line being a 57% improvement in performance.  This is all thanks to optimizations in the packet processing flow, DPI engine, and Network Flow FastPath.  It’s an incredible real-world improvement in traffic processing performance.

Other common traffic performance measurements also benefit from the Xstream Architecture in v18 including raw firewall performance, IPS, AV, Application Control and malware protection.

Get the latest XG Firewall Brochure to see the latest performance metrics and how the XG Series models stack up.

SSL VPN Capacity:

Further optimizations to our SSL engine in XG Firewall v18 MR3 bring some dramatic improvements to remote access SSL VPN capacity with up to 6x the number of connections possible on our higher-end appliances.  Increases are more modest at the entry-level, but on a typical mid-range device like the XG 310 the capacity has tripled!  This is great news for everyone managing a remote workforce these days.

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Upgrade Today:

If you haven’t already, upgrade your customers to XG Firewall v18 today – it’s a free performance boost – and there’s a ton of great new protection and networking features.

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