Did you know? Learn about the Sophos RFP Desk

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How to receive timely RFP assistance.

We like to make it easy to do business with us, so we offer a number of services and tools to simplify the daily life of our valued partners. To help keep our partners aware of all the options available to them, we thought it was time to start a blog post series to introduce these various offerings available in case you missed them in the past.

We’d like to start by discussing the Sophos RFP Desk. This team consists of Sophos sales professionals who will provide you with a timely and high-quality response to successfully position Sophos in the RFP process.

How to request RFP assistance:

  1. Log in to the Sophos Partner Portal and pick “Presales Help Desks” from the Tech Tools menu, or follow this direct link.
  2. Submit your request to your account manager (you will find instructions on the partner portal page).
  3. Allow for a five business day turnaround to receive your RFP.

Of course, this service is available to all our partners, at all tiers, at no cost to help you with the RFP process.

If you are a Sophos Partner but don’t yet have access to the Sophos Partner Portal, you can request access here