End-of-Sale AP 100X Outdoor Access Point


Important lifecycle update for the legacy outdoor AP model

Global supply chains have been under a great deal of pressure since the start of the pandemic. Whilst freight capacities have now improved, component shortages, due to a lack of raw materials, continue to challenge technology manufacturers and the situation is still volatile.


End-of-Sale AP 100X Outdoor Access Point

Our AP 100X Outdoor Access Point has been available for a number of years. This legacy model is now impacted, and the future component supply cannot be maintained to address our business requirements. We are compelled to announce the end-of-sale for the AP 100X and will sell this model for as long as stocks last only.

Whilst we are going to great efforts to source some additional units, in some regions, the remaining stock may be depleted as early as August.

The following lifecycle milestones are now applicable:

Model End-of-Sale Final Renewal (Sophos Central)


End of Support End-of-Life Migration Path
AP 100X

(All revisions)

August 1, 2021 (or as long as stocks last) March 31, 2022 September 30, 2022 March 31, 2023 APX 320X

(Sophos Central Management only)


APX 320X

Customers who require an outdoor access point should be encouraged to take a look at the APX 320X, which is a much newer model available for Sophos Central management only.

Customers will benefit from:

  • a 40% lower hardware price than the legacy model for much newer technology
  • additional security, troubleshooting, and management features only available in Sophos Central
  • external antenna options to address new deployment scenarios
  • greater scalability to extend the network whenever required

All plans to add support for the APX 320X to either Sophos Firewall or Sophos UTM (SG) are currently on hold.

Speak to your local Sophos sales team or distributor for help in comparing our wireless products, or if you require any additional information.


Lifecycle Milestones:

End-of-Sale (EOS) date
The EOS date is the final day on which you can purchase the above product, however, this date is subject to the availability of stock in your region, both in Sophos warehouses and with your local distributors. Once all Sophos stock is depleted, all Sophos product SKUs will be inactive and new orders placed with Sophos can no longer be processed.

Last renewal date
Last opportunity to extend subscription services and technical support. Subscription and support extensions are not possible beyond the EOL date.

End of Support
After this date:

  • Sophos will process RMAs but no longer offers support
  • The affected model will no longer receive any software updates or bug fixes of any kind
  • The AP will continue to work on the last supported firmware version

RMAs: Will be processed for any model with a valid warranty or support license (if the same model is not available, an equivalent model will be supplied as a replacement).
Support: Technical support is no longer provided. Hotline calls will only be accepted for RMA processing.

End-of-Life (EOL)
Date when support for the product ceases. RMAs for this product will no longer be processed.


Further details can be found on the support pages on sophos.com:

Network Security Lifecycle Policy (English only)