Secure devices with Sophos Central Device Encryption


Data protection continues to be a critical line of defense, with full disk encryption a must-have for any security-conscious company.

Data protection is a critical line of defense. Encryption was specifically called out in President Biden’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity which makes this an ideal time to open a conversation with customers around their plans for disk encryption. We recently released Sophos Central Device Encryption (CDE) version 2.1, so read on for a summary on why CDE is the easiest way to manage disk encryption.

Encryption for Windows and macOS

Sophos Central Device Encryption (CDE) provides full disk encryption for Windows and macOS devices, protecting machines against loss or theft. Its tight integration with Sophos’ endpoint protection products, like Intercept X Advanced with XDR, makes it a great option.


Encryption is traditionally associated with complexity and admin overhead. Sophos Central Device Encryption addresses this by focusing on making the process as intuitive and hassle-free as possible. Sophos Intercept X and Central Device Encryption use the same endpoint agent, meaning there’s nothing additional for customers to install. And, encryption policies are enabled in a few clicks, securing devices in minutes and leaving admins free to get on with the rest of their day.


With the increase in remote working, and employees working on company computers in their homes full or part time, it’s more important than ever to protect devices and the data on them. Sophos Central Device Encryption helps admins verify encryption status and demonstrate compliance. New is the ‘Encrypted since’ field that provides further visibility into device state and lets you confirm encryption status in case of a lost or stolen computer.

Self-service Portal

Forgetting a login pin or password could lead to frustration and often requires users to call the IT Helpdesk. The Sophos Central Self-service Portal lets users regain access to devices themselves, getting them back up and running faster. Users are back in action and IT has one less ticket to deal with.

As full disk encryption continues to be a critical component of any security strategy and a must-have for any size organization, Sophos Central Device Encryption is a great addition to a customer’s existing suite of products.

Access the Sophos Partner Portal for more information on how to sell Sophos Central Device Encryption including datasheets, videos, pricing, and more.