Sophos UTM/SG Lifecycle Notification and Frequently Asked Questions

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Important information is being sent to your Sophos UTM/SG Series customers. Use our resources and FAQs to support your customers in this transition phase.

Sophos has built a powerful, next-gen firewall platform, which seamlessly integrates with our complete product ecosystem, sharing a single management plane in Sophos Central, and providing customers with better protection through the combined strength of our detection and remediation capabilities when used with our Managed Detection and Response service.

Sophos Firewall and the latest XGS Series hardware appliances bring together the best technology from our original Astaro acquisition with newer innovations, to provide a single, scalable architecture, built to serve customers from the smallest single-person office to large campus networks. This platform has evolved to become the firewall of choice for almost every new firewall customer, and a growing number of Sophos UTM (SG) customers and former Astaro partners have successfully moved over to Sophos Firewall OS. Sophos Firewall, combined with our portfolio of switches, access points, branch office and zero-trust access solutions, is now a strong driver of our overall business growth.

After announcing the lifecycle milestones for Sophos UTM* and the SG Series hardware to our partners on February 6, 2023, we will begin the customer communication on Monday, March 6, 2023 (email send: 12pm CET).


Lifecycle Milestones

The following table shows the relevant milestones and the products they impact.

Any order placed must not extend beyond the EOL date, June 30, 2026.

*Sophos UTM on AWS is explicitly excluded from the end-of-sale announcement.

Product Description Milestone Date Migration Path
Sophos UTM

All versions incl. Home Edition but excluding UTM on Amazon Web Services

End-of Sale

Final order date for all new and 3-year renewal subscriptions only

June 30, 2023 Sophos Firewall OS
SG Series

Hardware appliances – all revisions

Sales for as long as stock lasts

Or until further notice

June 30, 2023 Sophos Firewall and XGS Series

Use SG Migration offer

Sophos UTM Final order date for 2-year renewal subscriptions and accessories June 30, 2024 Sophos Firewall OS
Sophos UTM Final renewal

Final order date for 1-year and 1-month renewal subscriptions

June 30, 2025 Sophos Firewall OS
Sophos UTM

SG Series


End of support

June 30, 2026

Subscription terms must not extend beyond this date.

Sophos Firewall OS
Sophos UTM on AWS No change No change n/a

Further information on these milestones is available on the Partner Portal (the relevant links are provided below).


What changes for you/your customers with this announcement?

There is no immediate change for you or your customers.

  • Partners can continue to sell Sophos UTM as long as the term does not extend beyond the end-of-life (EOL) date (June 30, 2026).
    • As a 3-year renewal subscription can only be purchased until June 30, 2023, we would recommend that you check in with any customers coming up for renewal, who want to continue using Sophos UTM right up to the EOL date.
    • Early renewals are possible (terms must not extend beyond the EOL date).
  • SG Series hardware appliances will initially be sold for as long as stock lasts, even after the end-of-sale date (June 30, 2023).
  • Customers with a valid license can continue to use Sophos UTM up to the EOL date (June 30, 2026).
  • Our SG Migration Promo is available in most regions to offer significant discounts on XGS hardware, Central Email Advanced and Web Server Protection for customers who move to Sophos Firewall and the XGS Series.


Resources for Partners

We have created some new custom resources for you on the Partner Portal:

As the FAQ page will be continuously updated as we get new questions, it is currently available in English only. We will create a German version by the end of this month.


Resources for Customers

For your customers, a blog post will be published on the Sophos UTM Community to coincide with the March 6 email communication. We will also publish a subset of relevant FAQs:

Partners who own Sophos UTM/SG Series hardware may also receive the customer communication.

Your local Sophos representative will be happy to support you during this transition phase, please do not hesitate to reach out.