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New offerings, product releases and special limited-time incentives give Sophos partners more security, more support and more profit – check them out now!

Sophos partners are at the core of everything we do, and we work tirelessly to help our partners excel and make the cyber world safer for our common customers. We’re building our products and processes with our partners in mind and we do so with a remarkable return on investment for partners and customers alike. A lot has been happening over the previous months and below, we’ve picked three product updates and releases that will help you boost your sales effectiveness with our cybersecurity cutting-edge technologies.

Live Roadmap Deep Dive With Joe Levy, President and Acting CEO, Sophos

Join Joe Levy, Sophos President and Acting CEO, for an insightful review of recent innovations and a sneak peek into what’s ahead to ensure you stay ahead of hackers and keep your customers secure. Joe discusses the latest updates in our SecOps, Endpoint, Network, and Cloud Security offerings, to help you win business now and strategize for the future.

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Recent Product Releases: Defend Against Active Adversaries

Sell the industry’s most comprehensive suite of highly effective, integrated technologies that work as a system. At the end of last year – and there’s more to come soon – we announced major advancements to Sophos XDR, Sophos Firewall (v20), and Sophos NDR that add new capabilities to defend organizations against the growing threat of “Active Adversaries”.

These advancements highlight new, innovative Active Adversary Defense capabilities that leverage AI and automation, cross-product response actions, and third-party integrations giving you more capabilities than ever before to detect and disrupt active adversaries and targeted cyberattacks.

Discover Active Adversary Protection >

Win with Remote Ransomware Protection

Around 60% of human-operated ransomware attacks now involve malicious remote encryption [source: Microsoft]. In these remote ransomware attacks, adversaries compromise an unprotected endpoint and use it to encrypt data on protected devices on the same network.

The fix? Sophos Endpoint Protection with our unique CryptoGuard capability. While other endpoint products fall short with remote ransomware, Sophos detects, stops, and rolls-back both local and remote encryption — elevating your customers’ protection.

As the threat of remote ransomware grows, take advantage of this powerful differentiator to win new business and retain customers.

Protect Against Remote Ransomware >


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