Sophos MSP NerdyNet Protects Longstanding Customer Siili Solutions with Sophos MDR

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Delivering best-in-market protection for their clients, as well as generating recurring revenue for the business.

Jarno Laihi, NerdyNet Founder and Chairman

“Previously it was difficult to find a cybersecurity solution that supported both MacOS and Windows devices with consistent device encryption on both.
I searched far and wide for a suitable solution and found that Sophos could provide what we needed and more.”

As a Sophos Managed Service Provider (MSP), NerdyNet provides its clients with solutions from the entire Sophos portfolio on a flexible basis, including Sophos Managed Detection and Response (MDR). The NerdyNet team believe this delivers best-in-market protection for their clients, as well as generating recurring revenue for the business.

One of NerdyNet’s major clients, Siili Solutions, is a leading software integrator and digital service provider, listed on the Nasdaq in Helsinki. The company has more than 1,000 employees across offices in Finland, Germany, Poland and the USA. Siili Solutions is a loyal NerdyNet customer, and has benefitted from NerdyNet’s MSP service for over ten years. Following advice from NerdyNet, Siili Solutions has implemented several Sophos solutions across its IT infrastructure, including Sophos MDR.

Business Challenges

Four years ago, NerdyNet was facing a number of challenges:

  • Seeking effective and trusted cybersecurity solutions for both Windows and MacOS
  • Delivering round-the-clock market-leading cybersecurity protection in a shifting threat landscape

Initially, having identified Sophos as one of the only providers to protect both Windows and MacOS, NerdyNet turned to Sophos for 24/7 support for its customers.

The Technical Solution

In 2019, NerdyNet became a Sophos MSP. This partnership gives NerdyNet access to the complete range of Sophos solutions for its clients on a flexible and scalable basis. As NerdyNet’s client Siili Solutions has expanded, NerdyNet has implemented Sophos solutions across their devices, endpoints, servers, cloud and network. Siili Solutions now also gets round-the-clock protection with Sophos MDR. By implementing Sophos MDR, Siili Solutions has peace of mind that cyber activity is monitored 24/7, and any threats to cybersecurity are detected, managed and resolved by the Sophos team of experts.

Matti Lehtinen, Chief Executive Officer, NerdyNet

“As a Sophos MSP, we’re able to provide IT services and solutions to clients of all sizes, including a business with over 1,000 employees across multiple locations. Sophos MDR gives us and our clients peace of mind that any threats will be detected and properly handled by the Sophos team.“

Business Benefits

Jarno Laihi, NerdyNet Founder and Chairman, notes that around 10% of NerdyNet’s total revenue comes from the flexible monthly billing Sophos enables the company to provide to its clients. He lists further benefits as being:

  • Access to a complete portfolio of cybersecurity solutions
  • The ability to offer industry-leading solutions
  • 24/7 cybersecurity protection and managed detection and response for NerdyNet and its clients using Sophos MDR
  • Monthly billing from Sophos, which is easily adjustable for changing market conditions, providing customers with greater flexibility
  • Access to Sophos’s highly competent team of experts to provide comprehensive support and insights
  • Support and training from Sophos across all Sophos solutions
  • Regular technical reports from Sophos, enabling the NerdyNet team to feed back to its clients on activity and performance

Benefits for Siili Solutions

“Our strategic IT partnership with NerdyNet has enabled us to take advantage of Sophos solutions across our IT infrastructure. The services provided by NerdyNet, together with Sophos MDR, means we have the IT and cybersecurity support we need, without inhouse requirements. This arrangement really works for us and we’re delighted with the solutions and service we receive,“ relates Seppo Takanen, CIO, Siili Solutions

With NerdyNet as its strategic IT partner, Siili Solutions has been able to take advantage of the comprehensive market-leading solutions from Sophos that NerdyNet provides. This means that the team at Siili Solutions can focus on providing software and digital solutions, and let NerdyNet and Sophos handle cybersecurity and IT challenges. With Sophos MDR, Siili Solutions gets 24/7 cybersecurity protection, management and response, and peace of mind across emails, firewalls, cloud and endpoint devices.